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5 Huge Summer Music Festivals You Cant Miss!

Posted on October 28, 2019
5 Huge Summer Music Festivals You Cant Miss!
summer music festivals 2018 rv camping

(Image source: Boots and Hearts music festival website)

Fact: Summer Is 100% Tailor Made For RV Camping Adventure!

The warm weather, buzzing landscapes and crisp blue sky is best enjoyed through the freedom of RV camping and travel.

You know what else it's made for?

Summer Music Festivals!

summer music festivals 2018 rv camping

Put summer music festivals and RVs together, and you have pure party paradise (on wheels)!

Match them up using our pick of 2018's hottest summer music festivals in North America, and our huge range of RVs here at

Here's the process:

  1. Pick one of these five huge summer music festivals
  2. Book an RV
  3. Strap yourselves in
  4. And set off to to create one of the biggest, craziest music and summer filled adventures of your life!

1) Osheaga

summer music festivals 2018 rv camping

(Image source: Osheaga facebook page)

Date: August 3-5

Location: Jean-Drapeau Park, Montreal (Canada)

Music festival details: Osheaga is one of the world's best indie music festivals. Since the first festival in 2006, it's hosted world class acts like the Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Lorde, Coldplay, The Killers, Sonic Youth, Wheezer, Outcast, Skrillex and more! In recent years the festival introduced a 'play for points' system where festival goers can play all sorts of games for points to cash in for prizes.

RV camping options: A number of RV camping grounds are nestled in Montreal's centre, providing easy access to the festival grounds via public transport. The main RV parks include Montreal South KOA, Camping Alouette, and Camping La Cle Des Champ.

Festival website:

2) Quebec City Summer Music Festival

summer music festivals 2018 rv camping

(Image source:

Date: July 5-15

Location: Quebec City, Quebec (Canada)

Music festival details: This is Canada's largest outdoor musical event. Annual attendance exceeds 1.5 Million festival goers' over it's 11 day period. This years lineup is yet to be announced, but expectations are high considering last year included Metallica, the Who, Kendrick Lamar, Pink, the Gorillaz and more from all over the world.

RV camping options: Prime RV parks in Quebec include Quebec City KOA, Camping Transit, and Camping De La Joie. It would make for a great Quebec roadtrip highlight, and could be joined up with some of the other unique places to see in Quebec!

Festival website:

3) Sasquatch

summer music festivals 2018 rv camping

Date: May 25-27

Location: Gorge Amphitheater, Washington (USA)

Music festival details: Frequently named in the top 10 US summer music festivals, Sasquatch features a huge variety of music, surrounded by the amazing scenery of the famous Gorge Amphitheater. The 2018 line-up is yet to be announced but check out last years for an idea. It also provides a heap of comedy shows to relax, lay on the grass and have a laugh!  Early-bird tickets have already sold out so get in quick!

RV camping options: The festival has RV campsites and facilities including hot showers, making it one of the best RV camping and music festivals in the USA!

Festival website:

4) Coachella

summer music festivals california rv camping

Date: April 13-15, and 20-22

Location: Coachella Valley, California (USA)

Music festival details: One of the largest and most famous summer music festivals in North America, several stages provide a constant flow of music across a range of genres including rock, indie, electronic and hip hop. This years line up is headlined by The Weekend, Eminem and Beyoncé! There's also a range of art events and installations situated around the festival grounds.

RV camping options: Although there are no 'on-site' RV campsites, the Coachella administration provide all nearby RV facilities on their website.

Festival website:

5) Shambhala

summer music festivals 2018 rv camping

(Image source: Shambhala facebook page)

Date: August 10-13

Location: Salmo River Ranch, British Columbia (Canada)

Music festival details: Since beginning in 1997, Shambhala has become the largest electronic music event in Canada! The 2018 line up is yet to be announced, but you can expect the high caliber of last years artists like Adventure Club, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Illenium, Pendulum, Black Tiger Sex machine and many more!

RV camping options: The summer music festival has a huge range of on-site RV camping options, located in the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest!

Festival website:

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