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Amenities that Renters are Looking for in their RV Rental (Part 2)

Posted on November 7, 2019
Amenities that Renters are Looking for in their RV Rental (Part 2)

If you’re thinking about putting your RV on the market to rent, then you definitely need to know what renters are looking for when they want to go on trips. It’s not just a rent and go process, a lot more goes into it to make the renters feel at home. Typically, they want to feel like it’s their home away from home for however long they choose to rent from you. So this is very important when deciding to put your RV up on the site.

This definitely doesn’t mean you have to go all out and get new everything, but if you want great feedback, then this is the way to do it. You want the renters to rent from you time and time again because of how great your RV was, and this can be done with a few amenity upgrades. From BBQs to extra storage space, you’ll really vamp up your RV.

Flat Screen TVs

If someone is renting an RV, chances are they want it to be top notch. That doesn’t mean going for the most expensive rental, but they definitely want it to feel cozy. An amenity that renters do look for these days are flat screen TVs.

Camping in an RV can definitely be done without a flat screen TV, but a lot of people like it for late nights, movie nights, and even while driving. It’s a great way to entertain, and since they're spending all the time outside, it’s nice to just curl on on the couch and watch a movie!

Having a flat screen to watch movies on is a perfect way to end the night. Eat some s’mores, get into pyjamas, and turn on a movie.

Washer and Dryer

If the renters are taking a long trip, whether its around the country or just around the province, at some point they will need to do laundry. What’s more annoying than sitting in a laundromat and waiting for your laundry to wash and dry?! Having a washer and dryer in the comfort of the RV not only saves time, but it is very convenient for anyone travelling in an RV.

Being out in nature all the time, everyone is bound to get a little dirty. And usually where there are campgrounds, there is swimming in lakes. Finding RVs with a washer and dryer in them is convenient and your guests will surely appreciate that.

All Inclusive Kitchens

Obviously a cooler or a mini fridge would work just fine, but anyone who is planning on staying in an RV for a while will need more options. The best way to eat meals on the trip are in the RV and not out at restaurants, so having an all inclusive kitchen will help tremendously with that. Having a stove, a fridge, a microwave, etc., will make sure meals taste exactly like they do at home.

Also, stopping for coffee takes about 20 minutes to do. So, having a coffee machine on board will really save the renters time. A ton of cupboard space is also great, as renters need as much space as they can get. Including things like utensils, plates, and cups is a great idea.

Spacious Bathrooms

No one wants to feel trapped in a bathroom. Obviously it can’t be as big as a regular home bathroom, but you can still make it roomy! Having space for storage, towel racks, etc., are an essential for bathrooms as this is where most of the grooming will be done in the morning and nights.

RV Renters love bathrooms that have space, have a good sized shower etc. Of course, having drawers and cabinets are also great as a lot of products need to be stored there for the time being.

Spots In The RV That Turn Into Beds

This makes it way easier for renters to evaluate how many people they can bring on the trip. If there is a couch or a dining spot, these should be able to turn into beds. You can also put bunk beds in a closet, and when you open it they come down. These hidden spots make the RV look super sleek, and anyone can fix them up quickly in the morning.

These hidden spots will allow renters to pick where they want to sleep, especially if there are a ton of people coming on the trip. Making sure these spots are comfortable and have a good amount of room are important as well.

Secret Storage Areas

Renters really enjoy when there are extra storage spaces that cannot be seen. This gives the illusion that everything is put away neatly, when in reality, it could just be stored under beds, in hidden sliding doors, or wherever you decide to put extra storage space.

No matter where the storage space is, as long as it’s easily accessible, renters will for sure be pleased that the RV won’t be cramped with their stuff as they can put it away in storage. If you’re looking for ways to add in storage spots, here are some great places:

  • Under the dining area (the seats)
  • Under the beds
  • Under the RV

Outdoor Grill/Barbecue

Who doesn’t want to BBQ when they’re camping?! Of course renters aren’t expecting a huge barbecue to be in their camper, however, you can get smaller versions of barbecues that can fit nicely in storage. They even made barbecues that can hook onto the side of the RV so it’s easy to grill.

If you can’t install a full kitchen into your RV, this is the next best bet. You not only are allowing them to prepare full and delicious dinners, but this will give them the total camping experience.


If you’re not familiar with slideouts, it’s basically a way to get more room in the RV. They offer additional space depending on if you choose to use it or not, it makes the RV seem way more homey and more like an apartment. Slideouts can be used by just the touch of a button, and typically if someone is travelling with a family, they will want this feature.

WiFi Hotspot

To some, this may seem like the opposite of what they want. However, if your renters are travelling for a couple of weeks at a time, a hotspot to access internet whenever it's needed it is a great addition. This amenity may not be used at all by the renters, but it’s great to offer it if they maybe need to work a few days on the trip, or just want to check out the nearest restaurant.

You can find plenty of great hotspot options, as they are becoming more and more popular. Of course, campgrounds usually do provide passwords to their WiFi but it can be iffy sometimes. This way, they'll know they have a backup if they need it.

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