RV Rental Quebec: How Much Will A Motorhome Holiday Cost?

Posted on October 29, 2019
RV Rental Quebec: How Much Will A Motorhome Holiday Cost?

Well its official, we can definitely feel some holiday fever coming on! At this time of year, all over Canada, minds jump to three incredibly exciting words - RV RENTAL QUEBEC.

For many of us, the Christmas season is a great chance to get out, jump in an RV and hit our favorite places or experience one of the many unique festivals happening over this period (such as the famous Quebec de Carnival, one of the biggest festivals in the world!).

Yes it's a little bit cold...but that brings with it a unique winter charm! It also means cheaper RV rental prices. Plus most RVs come with good heating systems!


Towns and villages start to buzz, interesting things happen, and everyone has the same thing in mind - relax, enjoy being with family, and soak up as much winter spirit as you can before hypothermia sets in! Nothing a warm fire, steaming hot hot chocolate and a few layers of wool won't fix.

An RV is a unique way to explore Quebec no matter what time of year, whether it's to visit festivals, explore the wilderness or just to provide an extra transportable room for big family gatherings!

Keep in mind that the prices in this article are for the low season, and will be higher in summer.

How to Calculate the Cost of RV Rental Quebec

The cost of RV rental in Quebec (and the rest of Canada for that matter) is all dependant on your holiday requirements, such as:

  • The style of motorhome and living you want
  • Size requirements; and
  • Sleeping arrangements.

This post walks you through the price you can expect to pay for RV rental in Quebec, factoring in your Christmas situation. We’re only talking your motorhome style RV, not travel trailers.

We’ll also discuss the extra costs associated with RV rental in Quebec (such as fuel costs), to make sure you can accurately budget for your trip!

RV Rental Quebec: A Cost Overview

Let's talk money!

The cost variation per night for RV rental in Quebec starts out as little as $50, and climbs up to as much as $400 to $500. Thats across all styles, sizes and number of beds.

To narrow it down, we’ll look at the most common type of motorhome, the six sleeper Class C.

For these vehicles we can narrow it down to around $150 - $250 per night, that's $200 down the middle. This will generally come with all your essentials like a kitchen, utensils, and bedding, plus or minus non-essentials like a TV.

The advantage of using RVezy is you can forget about extra hidden maintenance, registration or insurance fees. We handle all that within the quoted price, and still manage to remain one of the most affordable RV sharing systems on the market!

RV Rental Quebec: Prices for Different Styles

Once you decide on a certain style of RV, you can more accurately predict costs.

The cheapest option on RVezy is commonly the Class B motorhome at an average of $100 per night, followed by the Class C at $200 per night, then the Class A at $250 per night.

RV Rental Quebec: Prices for Size and Sleeping Arrangements

These two things usually go hand in hand. The more beds, the larger the RV.

We have calculated that on average, one bed is worth approximately $30 per night. You can take away or add $30 from the nightly averages we provided in the previous section, depending on how many beds you’ll need.

For example, using the Class C six sleeper motorhome average of $200 per night:

  • Class C 4 sleeper, $200 minus $60 (2 bed)  = Approx. $140 per night
  • Class C 8 sleeper, $200 plus $60 (2 beds) = Approx. $260 per night.

These are rough guides of course, but will provide a base for you to budget.

RV Rental Quebec: Additional Travel Costs

We have included the most common additional travel costs - food, camping fees and fuel.

Daily Food Cost for RV Rental Quebec


We found a website called budget your trip which can help you estimate your travel costs all over the world, including daily food costs in Quebec. It estimated for us that adult daily food costs while travelling in Quebec City was $25. In the country, you could take at least $5 off that.

So a family of four will easily be able to eat for $80 per day, and much less if your cooking most meals yourself.

Camping Fees Relating to RV Rental Quebec

There's lots of variety in the price of camping no matter where you are. In Quebec, it can range from free, right up to $40, $50 maybe even $60 plus (depending on how many people are camping with you).

We estimate that on average you will pay $50 per night. But you can save serious money by targeting the cheaper camping areas or finding the freebies!

Just be careful, as some campgrounds and areas close in the winter, so call ahead!

Fuel Costs for RV Rental Quebec

jonathan-petersson-217672 (1).jpg

At the time of writing this post, fuel prices in Quebec were around $1.15 per litre of gas, or $4.60 per gallon.

Most six sleeper RVs get a mileage of roughly 10 miles per gallon (older or larger RVs will obviously be much more thirsty!). To calculate how much your trip will cost you in fuel, you can follow this process:

  1. Estimate how many miles you will cover during your trip
  2. Divide the number of miles by 10
  3. Multiple the answer by 4.6.

What comes out is very roughly how much money your fuel will add to your RV rental costs.

For example a seven day trip over 1000 miles will cost you the following:

  • 1000 miles divide by 10 = 100 gallons of fuel required
  • 100 gallons multiplied by4.6 = $460 in extra fuel costs.

RV Rental Quebec: Summary

We can’t provide a total average price with any real laser accuracy, but we recommend budgeting for around $2000 - $2500 for a weeks holiday exploring Quebec’s nature and culture with a big family. That's including RV rental, camping fees, food, and fuel.

Smaller families can slash hundreds of dollars off that estimate. Have a look at our RV range to estimate your holiday costs using the figures we’ve provided. With the many things happening for everyone at this time of year, it's all the more important to know how many rupees you have to play with!

Travel far and wide, but stay safe!


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