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With delivery, you can have a trailer or even a motorhome brought right to your spot!

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That way, you don't need to worry about driving, setup, towing capacity, or gas.

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With RVezy's amazing community of RVers, you can find the perfect RV with no stress or hassles.

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Delivery - F.A.Q

Finding an RV with delivery is easy. You just need to pick the 'delivery' option when filtering your RV search.

Once you've found your perfect RV, make sure to include delivery as part of your add-ons.

Having a trailer or motorhome delivered is an add-on available on lots of units available on RVezy. The owner of each RV will set the price.

Delivery is usually offered within 100-150 km and 200-250 km of the RV. Most owners will charge around $150 for delivery within 150 km and $200 above 200 km.

RVezy owners are all over Canada, giving you tons of options for destinations where you can have a trailer or motorhome delivered.

Yes it is! We proudly offer a comprehensive commercial policy that covers you up to $2 million , even when the trailer or motorhome is delivered right to your spot.