Rent emergency accommodations and self-isolation units.

If you're a first responder, health care worker, or individual looking for temporary accommodations to self-isolate in relation to COVID-19, use our tool so we can connect you with some local RVs in your area.

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How it Works

1. Search for Emergency Ready Accommodations

Look for motorhomes and trailers available in your area that have identified as Emergency Ready, send the owner any questions or put in a booking request. Make sure to let them know how many people will need emergency accommodations, where the trailer is needed, or if it will be used for self-isolation purposes.

2. Communicate with the owner

Give the owner and our support staff all of the information you can and stay connected as much as possible to allow us to coordinate deliveries, setups, and special requests. Motorhomes and trailers can be a comfortable and safe alternative accommodation for first responders and medical workers.

3. Contact us

If you need assistance organizing emergency accommodation for an organization, you can reach us directly at [email protected] You can also fill out the form above or call us at 1-855-697-8399

How does this help?

Support in self-isolation

In times like these, a trailer or motorhome can provide temporary accommodation for first responders & critical resources that need a place to rest, recuperate and self Isolate.

Humane Temporary Accommodation

RVs are contained, safe, and comfortable. With an RV, families can live in comfort, close to home, and self isolate as needed while doing their critical work.

Uniquely Mobile

RVezy can mobilize its 5000+ RVs across Canada and deliver these to any critical businesses, hospitals and first responders in need.