7 Reasons Why You Should Rent Out Your RV Today

Oct 28th 2019

Do you own an RV that you don't get to use as often as you like, or your debating on selling it? Instead you should rent it out to aspiring vacationers! You can earn money, cover your RV payments and allow people to enjoy your motorhome or trailer for the same reasons you bought it to begin with!

If you're still on the fence about renting your RV here is a list of reasons why now is this the time to do it.

1) It's Free

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Signing up, and listing you RV is completely free. No obligations, or commitments, but with so much to gain. We know you will love renting your trailer through us. When you're not using your RV, rather than story it or have it collect dust in your driveway - why not make money from it?

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RVezy - Canada's largest and most trusted RV rental marketplace!

Own an RV? Watch this quick video to learn how you can list your RV and start earning today!


2) Earn Great Money


The sharing economy and peer-to-peer networks have shown to be a great way to make additional income in your spare time. Rvezy is no exception! List, rent and earn. It's that simple. By renting out your RV through Rvezy you can earn up to an additional $20,000 a year. With the additional income you make, you will have the freedom to do more. Travel to that dream tropical destination, purchase that new car you've been wanting, spend quality time doing new and exciting activities with the family.

3) We Support You

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With Rvezy, we make the process of renting your RV as simple as possible, that way you can focus on getting the most from your listing. Once you create an account and list your RV everything can be done through your personal dashboard. We support you through every step of the process and are there to answer any questions you may have by phone, email and live chat. We make it our mission to resolve any sort of difficulties that you may have. Also, you can say goodbye to those awkward and unreliable "cash deposit" interactions. We take care of all your payments through our secure platform and payments are deposited directly into your account.

4) Be Your Own Boss

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Freedom is a great thing with RVezy and we want to give the control over to you. You choose your pricing, manage your messages, edit your availability, choose the security deposit amount. You have the ability to include any extras you'd like such as delivery options, mileage as well as adding personal touches such as dishes, linens and so much more (we even have owners that include beer), It's up to you! You also have the decision to accept or decline any request you receive depending on how comfortable you are with the renter.

5) People Are Looking At Your Trailer

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Every year people across the world are looking to travel in Canada, looking for a cheaper and better alternative than flying, or renting through an expensive dealership. By changing the way we look at our lives and with technology growing, things we thought weren’t possible become realities. That is where you come in! The sharing economy is a very popular way that everyone can benefit. There is a huge demand for more affordable RV rentals, so as an owner, this market is a great opportunity for you.

6) We've Got You Covered

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The most important thing to think about when renting your RV privately is insurance. Commercial insurance can be expensive and very difficult to acquire for renting out your rig. That is why we have worked hard with the leading Canadian marketplace insurance, Intact Insurance, to create an industry first insurance policy. While you're renting your RV through RVezy, your motorhome or trailer will be covered through our $2M insurance coverage policy. You can have peace of mind while renting out your RV that no matter what happens during the rental, you are fully protected through us. Our insurance policy for motorhomes is currently available in Ontario, Alberta and Québec and our insurance policy for trailers is available in every Canadian province.

7) Connect And Share

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If you're still not convinced about the benefits it will bring to you, how about thinking about the incredible opportunity you are providing for others. What a great experience to be able to provide families and couples with lifelong memories. By offering your RV to them, they can finally afford their dream adventure. Through this platform you will meet incredible people, chat about your common camping experiences and potentially foster some great friendships.

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