RVezy Spring Update - 2020

Apr 15th 2020

We’re incredibly proud of our community of RV owners, who have shown us that they are willing to step up and help when it really counts.

Thanks to their response, we’ve discovered that we can help those who are really on the frontline. There is an incredible amount of people who do critical work every day to keep us safe. We’re incredibly proud that our owners can help the people keeping the lights on, making sure our supply chain is steady, staffing our hospitals and municipal efforts, and much more.

You can help us spread the message by sharing these news stories, or send this page to anyone who might be willing to help their local relief efforts.

We also wanted to give you an update on what we are doing and why. At Rvezy, we are confident and optimistic that the demand for RVing this summer will slingshot into an incredible vacation and camping season. Why?

Because RVing is a safe vacation option perfect for lots of things. You can stay in a self-contained, safe, and comfortable environment with all of the convenience of a motorhome or trailer. You can take it anywhere you want to go throughout Canada. You can keep it parked on your driveway, at private campgrounds, or a whole range of amazing destinations throughout Canada where you’ll be able to practice distancing and avoid crowds. You can travel on your own terms and control your vacation.

We think the RVing community will grow too, as more people will see the advantage of travelling throughout Canada in an RV. There are almost countless destinations you could visit where you can really see nature at its best or make priceless memories with friends and family. You can keep distance between campsites and ensure the whole family is safe, all the while supporting your local economy throughout Canada. More and more people will see RV rental as the perfect way to travel and experience the lifestyle for themselves for the first time, or in a new way.

We hope you’re staying safe now, and that you're also looking forward to a great spring and summer. We are proud of our community, not only because they’ve shown amazing selflessness, but because they also understand we’re here to keep our economy going, to support you in padding your income, support local businesses and travel within Canada. Most of all, we believe people will find a way to stay safe and see the incredible beauty of our country while keeping each other safe.

We know people will really want to get out there and support local shops, producers, and establishments out of a sense of love for our country.

Here are a few ways you can use this time to your advantage while staying safe:

Remember to stay safe now and be ready for the start of the season!

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