Bringing your Motorhome or Trailer over the Canadian/US border

Oct 30th 2019

If you are planning a trip across the border and you want your customs experience to be as painless as possible, then plan ahead. Whether you're planning on spending the winter in sunny Florida, or taking a quick family vacation with your RV rental, here’s what you need to know before you cross the border.

Travelling Across The Border With A Motorhome Or Trailer:

Border patrol aim to keep their country safe from unauthorized people and products. If you make the border agent's’ job easy and make your RV border crossing quick an easy.

Be sure to complete or have the following ready for the border patrol:

  • Valid passport for each person travelling across the border
  • If you plan on taking pets, your most recent vaccination records will be required
  • No weapons
  • Produce, meat or dairy are not allowed to cross so make sure you have discarded that
  • Have all your proper driver information, including license, registration, insurance certificate
  • Open all windows and RV blinds to make your RV more visible
  • Be prepared to answer where you are going and how long you are going for.

Taking a motorhome over the border can be difficult, if you aren’t prepared. Do your research and follow the tips above and your experience should be a good one.

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