Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Oct 28th 2019


Whether camping in an RV or roughing it out in tents these great camping hacks are borderline genius and we will definitely be trying them out on our next RV rental adventure!

1. Use a dry food container as a garbage can

2. An open bar of Irish Spring soap will keep the mice out of the trailer

3. Use a pill-holder as a mini medicine cabinet

4. Pinesol to keep the flies away

5. Easy DIY travel cups via glad

6. Mesh shoe rack - Shower storage via campingworld

7. Dip cotton pads in wax for an easy DIY firestarter via Pinterest

8. Skillet Brownies!!! via Pinterest

9. Show rack for bed storage via motorhome

10. Add sage to a campfire to keep the mosquitoes away! Also, add it to your burining coal to season your food! via Pinterest

11. Use foam floor tiles for a softer, more sturdy tent floor via: alittlecampy

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