Renter FAQ

How to rent an RV?

You can rent an RV simply by clicking the RENT AN RV button in the menu bar. Then filter according to your need!

What happens if there is a problem with the RV?

If you run into a minor issues or don't know how to operate part of your Ride, it wouldn't hurt to call the owner and they can walk you through.

Where do I leave my car? Can I leave it at the Owner's residence?

Most owners would be happy to park your car while you're on your adventure. It’s best to discuss and arrange this directly with the owners, as well as pick up and drop off times.

I have picked my RV and trip dates. When will I hear back?

You should hear back within 72 hours and receive all the information you need for your next adventure.

I broke something in the RV, What should I do?

Stuff happens. Let the owner know what was damaged and discuss a way this can be resolved. If in the rare case this issue cannot be resolved, you can always call 1-855-MYRVEZY (1-855-697-8399) and speak with a member of our team.

When do I get my deposit back?

After returning from your trip make sure to log back onto the site and review your vacation. After leaving your review, your full deposit will be authorized to be returned to you directly onto the credit card you paid with. (assuming there has been no damage to the vehicle)

I like to travel with my dog. Are pets allowed?

Each RV owner has their own policy regarding pets. You will be happy to know that most RV owners are pet owners themselves and welcome your furry friends.

Can I travel to the USA?

Our unique insurance policy covers you across Canada and the continental USA.

I have an international driver's license. Can I rent through RVezy?

So long as you have a valid driver's licence you may qualify for insurance!

When do I pay for my trip?

Once the RV owner approves of the booking request you will be sent an invoice for the deposit and full payment of the rental. All rentals must be paid in full within a week of the rental date.

How do I communicate with an RV owner?

RVezy provides you with a secure web based messaging platform to communicate directly with RV owners. You will also have the opportunity to exchange phone numbers with the owner and communicate directly with them.

How do I leave a review?

After your trip is complete you will be prompted to provide a review of the trip through your RVezy dashboard.

Can I have the RV delivered to a campground?

RV owners are very flexible and often will offer delivery of their RV for a fee. This is a great way to make your RV vacation easier.

Do owners offer bike racks or GPS units?

RV owners have the ability to provide additional items that may make your vacation extra special. Often items such as bike racks, gps units, or even a case of beer in the fridge on your arrival are available by request.

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