Service Fees

RVezy charges service fees to renters when booking through RVezy. Below you will find what service fees are applied and in what scenario. In some rare occasions it may be possible to incur multiple service fees for neglecting to follow our Terms and Conditions.

Renter Service Fee
A 15% service fee will be charged to the RV renter for each rental booked through RVezy.

Owner Service Fee
A 10% service fee will be applied to each booking reservation. This fee covers payment processing, promoting your RV, Listing management and all support services provided by RVezy to both the owner and renter during each rental.

RVs in the province of Ontario are all automatically covered by our industry first insurance product. An additional 5% service fee will be applied to RVs located in the province of Ontario.
Late Fees
If a renter returns the RV after the agreed upon drop off time, the renter will be charged a service fee of $200 plus an administrative fee of $100.
Dirty RV
Members of RVezy understand that RV camping can get dirty at times. While an acceptable level of dirt can be expected, any excessive dirt will result in a cleaning fee of $150 plus a $50 administrative fee.

No-Show Fees
If a renter does not show up to pick up their rental and has not contacted the owner or a member of the RVezy team they will be charged the full amount of the rental period.

Refueling Fee
Should an RV be returned without being refueled (gas/propane), the RV owner will provide RVezy with a copy of the receipt and the full amount will be deducted from the security deposit plus an administrative fee of $50.

RV Damage/Missing Items
Should an RV damage be returned with missing items or negligent damage the owner will advise RVezy of the issue. All damage and missing items will be deducted directly from the security deposit.
Security Deposits
All of the above noted fees will be deducted directly from the security deposit provided by the renter at the start of their vacation. Should there be any dispute as to deductions being made a member of the RVezy team will gladly assist the renter and owner to come to an agreement.

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