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About Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

One of the best road trips you could ever treat yourself to is Canada’s East Coast, the incredible Maritimes, to see one of the most iconic places in Canada, Cape Breton Island. Picture yourself enjoying the sea breeze in the air and the open road, behind the wheel of your very own home on wheels. While you’re there, you and the family are going to visit historical sites, eat incredible food, camp like you never have before - and all with the incredible convenience of doing it on your terms.

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Discover Cape Breton Island's Most Popular Destinations

With so much to do and see in Cape Breton Island, we've compiled a list of the most popular destinations to go check out on your next RV trip. There really is something for everyone on Cape Breton Island.

Highlands National Park

One of the most popular destinations for hiking and exploring nature is this stunning National Park, where you can get a little bit of everything: mountainous skylines, waterfalls, valleys, and even tundra-like plateaus. Feeling like doing something out of the box? Try the Night Walk guided tour!

Cabot Trail

A real Canadian pilgrimage, this is one of the best things to do in all the Maritimes, especially if you like taking on the open road with incredible views of the ocean and coast, leading you into MArgaree River and the Bras d’Or Lake. With dozens of stops and campgrounds along the way, you’re sure to find something for everyone in the family!

Skyline Trail

For those who love hiking, you can’t miss the Skyline Trail once you’ve hit the Cabot Trail. While the views alone are reason to visit, there’s also a good chance of seeing wildlife like moose or even coyotes - so be prepared and take precautions!

Ingonish Beach

Ingonish is a great community to visit and support on your trip to Cape Breton. It’s the ideal place to do a little shopping, stocking up on supplies, and even find a little time to golf. While you’re there, you’ll be just a short drive away from Cape Smokey National Park, plus you can make a nice day trip to take in the sun and the sea at the beach!


The Island’s historical capital, this is a must-see. It’s got everything you need from an urban center, including good spots for RVers to park and restock on supplies, but it still has the charm, warmth and hospitality of a smaller Maritimes community.


Baddeck is where your trip on the Cabot Trail will start, and a great place to get started or to close up your trip. This is another fantastic community to really get in touch with Canadian heritage and traditions. You can do lots of stuff in Baddeck, including visiting the iconic Kidston Island Lighthouse and the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.


A traditional Acadian fishing village, this is a great stop for taking in the sights and the local cuisine! St. Peter’s Church and the Cheticamp Harbor and Lighthouse will make for an awesome day.

Make Cape Breton Island Part of Your West Coast RV Trip

One of the main attractions in visiting Cape Breton is exploring, whether it's by foot or on the incredible Cabot Trail. With your RV, you’ll be able to pick off your favourite things to do throughout the island and go whenever you want! Some things you absolutely need to do in the Cape: eat the incredible local cuisine, see the historical sights of early Canada, go camping near the sea, hike through the Highlands, and visit the historical capital, Sydney.

The Great Outdoors

Cape Breton is a fantastic place to get outdoors any time of the year, and some might tell you that the fall is perhaps the best of them all for its unique colors. Regardless of when you visit though, you’ll have your pick from a ton of private campgrounds and resorts for RVers that are near all of the best parks and destinations, like Highlands National and the Skyline trail.

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