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About Sandbanks Provincial Park, ON.

Sandbanks Provincial Park is, hands down, one of Ontario’s best destinations. It’s the main attraction in Prince Edward County, but not the only place you’ll want to visit if you’ve got a great spot to camp at sandbanks. This is one of the best regions to really dig into Ontario, where you can see the natural beauty of our province and have some incredible fun in the sun.

There are three main beaches in the region which you’ll want to visit, and depending on your group you’ll be able to put some really cool activities in your itinerary. Sandbanks beach is one of the biggest attractions, with great day-use areas where you can swim, relax, picnic, and explore. Dunes Beach is one of the coolest places you’ll ever visit in Ontario, where you’ll get to explore the shifting sand dunes. Outlet beach is the perfect place for a family outing to the beach, with nice gentle spots perfect for toddlers.

Prince Edward County also has some of Ontario’s best wineries and local eats, so make sure you support local shops, restaurants, and markets! Take a day out to take a tour of a winey, or make sure to visit at least one farmer’s market to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies!

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Discover Sandbanks Provincial Park's Most Popular Destinations

Visiting a place like Sandbanks offers a wide range of activities and things to do! Check out some of our favorites below. With great summer weather coming up, choose an activity that the whole family will love.

The Sandbanks beaches

Pristine white sands and amazing sunny days await! Make sure to pack some sunblock, beach towels, and all your favourite beach toys. Want a really fun hike - your best bet is Dunes Beach!

Lakeshore Beach and Lodge

Want more options and a little less crowds? Try Lakeshore! Perfect for picnics or a nice family lunch at the Lodge, you can roll up in your rented RV and enjoy the beach with a little more space!

Westlake Watersports

This is a very cool spot where you can rent some watercraft to really have some fun!

Wesley Acres

A good place to set up your unit and camp out during your stay. Great camping spots, awesome local food, and fantastic views of the lakes.

Wellington Beach

Yet another great option for a day at the beach, Wellington beach is open to the public and a sweet spot to go for a swim, take out your kayak, or even try your hands at catching some of the local fish.

Sandbanks Estate Winery

The biggest winery in the Sandbanks region, you can go wrong with a visit to their winery and shop!


Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park, located in Glenora, is a fantastic way to spend the day. This little town is full of history and tradition, and a beautiful place to just walk around and take pictures. Great option for those looking for a good hike!

The Best Campgrounds in Sandbanks Provincial Park for RVers

If you don’t own a cottage near the park, don’t worry, you can rent an RV to visit Sandbanks Provincial Park!

The Best Driving Routes

Want to take the scenic route from any of these places? You can use the settings on your google navigator to avoid highways, toll roads, or ferries.

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