What are the service fees? What is included?

A service fee of 10% will be charged to the RV renter for each rental booked through RVezy. For example, if you are renting an RV for $1000/week, a service fee of $100 will be added to the booking. The renter service fee is applied to the whole booking including any add ons, mileage overages, or additional post trip charges. Any damage charges will not be subject to the renter service fee. A minimum service fee of $10/night for trailers and $15/night for motorhomes is applicable to all rentals. Our service fees help us run the RVezy platform and offer services like our dedicated bilingual support team.

Does RVezy charge taxes?

When you submit a booking request, you are only charged tax on the RVezy service fee. You will be asked to choose your place of residence and be charged the proper tax rate based on location.

What are the cancellation policies?

RVezy has developed a cancellation policy that ensures a fair and equitable process for both renters and owners.
      If cancelled more than 1 month from the rental date
    • A full refund of the deposit minus the RVezy service fee (10%) will be returned to the renter and the owner is free to book another vacation for this period.

      If cancelled a month to a week before the rental date
    • The owner will receive 50% of the rental amount made for the rental and the remainder will be refunded to the renter minus the RVezy service fee. The owner's availability will open up at that time and will be able to book a new rental for that time.

      If cancelled less than a week before the rental date
    • The full rental amount will be forwarded to the RV owner minus the RVezy service fee. The owner's availability will be opened and they can book another rental during that time.

    Is insurance included?

    Yes. RVezy provides insurance for motorhomes registered in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Alberta and provides insurance for travel trailers registered anywhere in Canada. Renters are given the choice of the deductible level they want to be responsible for in the case of a claim. Renters can choose between the basic, standard, and premium level which will lower the deductible they would be responsible for in the case of an accident or insurance claim. You can see more about the deductible levels in the Trust and Safety Section of the website.

    Is roadside included?

    No, We have partnered with the best roadside assistance program in Canada to offer roadside assistance to our renters at the lowest cost possible ($12/day). By default when entering a booking request roadside assistance will be selected to show you the total price of our recommendation of having it included. Renters have the option to opt out of it if they are already part of a roadside assistance program.

    How do I become part of the RVezy community?

    Just by creating your RVezy account you have made the first step into joining the RVezy community. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching RVezy.

    Do you speak french?

    Yes, RVezy is proud to have a fully bilingual support team and bilingual website.

    How do I contact RVezy?

    If you need to reach out to RVezy for support the best way to reach us is through the live chat button that provides bilingual support or send an email to


    How do I create an account? 

    You can easily create an account by clicking on the “signup” button at the top of the webpage.
    Once you click on that button you will be prompted to sign up as a renter. You can then choose to sign up with your email, facebook account or google account.

    How do I update my password? 

    To change your email address, log in to your account by clicking on “sign in” and then head over to your dashboard.
    Once in your dashboard click on edit profile here you can change your phone number, email address and other information.

    How do I change my email address? 

    To change your email address, log in to your account by clicking on “sign in” and then head over to your dashboard.
    Once in your dashboard click on edit profile here you can change your phone number, email address and other information.

    How do I change my phone number? 

    To change your phone number, log in to your account by clicking on “sign in” and then head over to your dashboard.
    Once in your dashboard click on edit profile here you can change your phone number, email address and other information.

    How do I upload my profile picture?

    To upload your profile picture, log in to your account by clicking on “sign in” and then head over to your dashboard.
    Once in your dashboard click on edit profile here you can upload a profile picture in the photo section.

    **Please note that all pictures that are larger than 1024x1024 will be scaled down**



    How old do I have to be to rent an RV? 

    You must have had an unrestricted driver's license for a minimum of 8 years. Typically drivers need to be a minimum age of 25+. If you are under the age of 25 please contact us at to see if you are able to rent an RV through the platform. 

    Can I save a specific listing to view later? 

    Yes, to save an RV you are interested in you can click on the little "heart" icon on the listing itself. You can then view them on your dashboard under "my favourites".

    How do I filter my search? 

     You can Browse through thousands of privately owned RVs and filter your results by setting your Date, Type of RV, Price, Location, and Number of People it can sleep. You will be prompted to set these filters once you click on "rent an RV" from the homepage.

    Is there a minimum rental period?

    RVezy doesn't require any minimum rental periods, however, some owners do set their own requirements and may prefer longer rentals compared to short periods. We always recommend send an owner a message directly by click on the "ask the owner a question" button directly on the listing. It is a great way to find out if your trip details are suitable for the owner. 

    Do I have to pick up the RV at my home location or can I pick it up on the way? 

    You can do both, it's up to you! Many renters will choose to pick it up closest to their location, however, if they find an RV they like more that is on their travel route, some renters choose to pick the RV along the way and park their car at the owner's location. These details need to be communicated to the RV owner in advance. 

    Can the trailer/RV be delivered?

    Absolutely! This is one of the benefits of renting from a private owner through RVezy. Many owners set up delivery, setup and pickup as an add-on for their booking to make it easier for renters who don't have a towing vehicle? 

    How do I know if an RV is available? 

    To find RVs available for a certain date, you can filter the dates you are looking for when searching for an RV. Once you choose your dates, RVs that are not rented for those dates will populate for you to view.

    Can I take the RV across the border? 

    Our insurance has you covered all over Canada and the United-States. To learn more about what you need when crossing the border check out our blog:

    How do I contact the owner? 

    You can message the owner directly by clicking "ask the owner a question" on the listing page. You will need an account to be able to message the owners directly. 

    What do the different pricing options mean? (nightly, weekly, monthly) 

    At the time of listing their RV, owners get to set the prices they want to charge for their RV. They set a nightly, weekly and monthly price and they usually offer a discount at the weekly and monthly rate. Weekly rates are discounted from the nightly price once you hit the 7th night and the monthly rates are further discounted once you hit 28 dates from the start date.

    Is the price negotiable? 

    The weekly and monthly rates are generally listed at a discounted rate for renters, however, some owners are negotiable on the prices depending on the situation and trip details. We recommend sending a message to the owner of the RV you are interested in and providing them with details of the trip to see if they are negotiable. 

    How do I create a booking request? 

    Once you’ve found an RV that you are interested in, all you need to do is select your dates, and click “Request to Book”. You will then be brought to a second and final screen in which you can choose between the deductible protection levels and choose to add roadside assistance or not to the booking. Once the booking request is complete, the owner will be notified to accept or decline the booking request. 

    Can I view the RV in person before I book it? 

    Great question. Some owners allow you to visit the RV prior to starting your trip or booking.

    Can I make multiple booking requests? 

    Yes. Booking requests are completely free. You can, therefore, make multiple booking requests without any obligation. Once you’ve made your booking request, the owner will either accept or decline your request. Once it has been accepted you will be prompted to begin the payment process.

    Can I rent an RV in the winter?

    Yes, owners may offer full winter rentals to you, especially if you are planning a trip to warmer climates. If you plan on renting an RV in the winter months, due to the freezing temperatures, toilets, showers and emptying of tanks may not be available to use. 

    Do I have to clean the RV when I return it?

    How the RV is given to you is how the RV should be returned. If the RV is returned in less than satisfactory condition, RV owners may try to charge the cleaning fee during the review process, which can be seen here: 

    Can I use a car seat inside a motorhome? 

    Some RV’s may come with Car seats, but it is the responsibility of the parents to provide their own. Each Motorhome has a maximum amount of seats available for children. It is important to review the Motorhomes manual for the safest setup.

    Are KMs included when I rent the RV?

    It depends on the owner’s listing. Some motorhome listings include unlimited mileage while others will specify the daily KM limit plus the cost of additional KMs. If you are renting a trailer, you do not have to worry about the KMs.

    Is smoking allowed?

    It depends on the owner's preference. You will be able to see this in the courtesy request on the RV listing page. You can always message the owner directly.

    Are pet allowed?

    It depends on the owner’s preference. You can filter pet-friendly RVs in your search. If it isn’t specified or if the listing specifies "no pets", you can always contact the owner directly and see if they will make any exceptions.


    How do the payments work?

      There are some good things to know about payment and what amount is going to be taken and when.
    • Initial Deposit: A 25% deposit will be taken, if you book more than 30 days to your start date, the remaining balance will automatically be charged once you hit 30 days to your trip.
    • Full Payment: The full rental amount, add-ons and service fee will be charged to credit card if you book less than 30 days to your start date.
    • Security Deposit: 72 hours prior to your trip start date, the security deposit listed will be taken, this will only be held for the duration of the trip.

      If there are damages/ extra charges we will use the security deposit once charges are agreed upon both renter and owner side

    My payment was declined. What does that mean?

    If your payment is declined, reach out to RVezy at and one of our customer success team members will be able to help you find out the reason for the payment to be declined and walk you through the process.

    How can I update my Credit card or payment method?

    You can update your CC information by going to your dashboard and clicking the “payment info” button. Once you click on that button you will be able to enter your new CC information and update any booking you have with that new information.

    How can remove or add something from my booking?

    If you would like to remove some of the optional add-ons (protection level, roadside assistance or owner add-ons), please contact with the booking number and we would be happy to add or remove or any of those features for you.

    How do I extend my trip?

    If you need to extend days on to your trip, please first verify this with the owner. Some owners may have rentals going out a day or two after your original return and may not be able to accommodate the extension. If the owner gives the green light to extend please contact with your request and booking number and we can add those dates to the booking and you will be charged accordingly.

    What is the security deposit?

    The security deposit is set by the RV owner and is charged to the renter's credit card three days before the rental start date. RVezy holds all funds during the rental period and makes sure to return the security deposit once the booking is closed out.

    What currency does RVezy use?

    As a Canadian company, all checkout prices are displayed in CAD currency.


    What happens next once I put in a booking request?

    Once you put in a booking request, the owner of the RV will be notified of the request, see the dates you have selected and the message you have provided. Once they have reviewed the request they will either accept or decline the request.. While you are waiting, We suggest you put in additional booking requests to other RVs that way if you have someone decline a request you have other options to choose from. If multiple requests are accepted you only need to go with the one that suits you. You may the cancel the other

    What happens if the owner declines my booking

    If an owner declines your booking, let us know. We will be happy to help you find the perfect RV for your trip! Send an email to with your trip information and as much details as possible and we can reach out to some owners and send some recommendations too.

    What happens if the owner cancels paid for booking?

    While this is very rare and we have preemptive measures in places to make sure your RV is secured for those dates, unexpected things happen to owners and sometimes a cancellation may occur. We fully understand the frustration and anxiety this may cause but we are here to help 100% of the way. Please contact us at with the booking number and we will be in touch to help you find a replacement RV for your trip.

    How do I add a driver?

    RVezy requires all renters to add a driver to the booking for insurance purposes. To do this, login to your account and head over to your dashboard. On the left-hand side click on the “My Drivers” tab. Enter your details on the pop-up and make sure to upload the front and back of your driver's license. This allows us to complete the driving record check and approve your driver.

    Why was my driver license not approved

    If you received a message about your driver license being declined for the booking, please reach out to us at Often time it is due to a mistake made on the application or you have answered one of the questions incorrectly. We can go over the questions with you and help you to get approved.

    Can I add multiple drivers?

    Yes, adding multiple drivers is encouraged. You can repeat the “Adding A Driver” steps for multiple drivers.

    How and where do I pick up my RV?

    When you submit the deposit for your booking you will receive a booking voucher with the contact information and location of the RV owner. Once you receive the voucher you should contact the owner and make arrangements for pickup time and location.

    Where can I leave my car?

    Often times, owners will allow you to park your personal vehicle in their driveway during your vacation. It is up to you and the owner to decide if this is an option. RVezy may be able to help find local parking spots close to the area where you are picking up the RV.

    Do I need insurance if it's being delivered?

    Yes, although you won’t be driving the motorhome or trailer, insurance is still required. If there were damages or an accident to occur even while it is stationed at the campground, the insurance will cover any damages during the rental period. You can see more about the insurance here.

    How do I know if my truck/car can tow?

    In order to know if your vehicle is able to tow the trailer you are interested in, it is best first to contact the owner and get information about the RV that will help you see if you are able to tow. On the inside of the drivers side door of most vehicles will have a sticker that will tell you the weight of your vehicle, it’s towing capacity, etc.

    What if I show up and my hitch doesn't fit?

    It is very important that you communicate with the owner before your trip start date in regards to towing requirements. In the case you show up with a vehicle that doesn’t meet the requirements on the trip start date, it is up to you and the owner to come to an agreement in regards to the trip. If the owner has provided you with all the details in regards to proper requirements. The owner is entitled to receive full payment in the case of a cancellation.

    What happens if the RV is not the one listed?

    Great Question! Just as we complete a driving record check on the renters, we also do a vetting of our owners as well. RV owners are required to submit an insurance application to make sure their RV is up to our level of standards and they must provide vehicle registration and personal insurance information in regards to specific RV.

    Can I take it for a test drive?

    Yes, this is actually a requirement for picking up the RV from the owner. When you arrive at the owners, they will have an RVezy checklist that is required to be completed by owner and renter before you take possession of the RV. In the case of an accident or minor damages to the RV this checklist must be provided completed and signed off on at the time of a claim. Failure to complete the checklist can result in a claim being void.

    The RV has existing damage what should I do?

    On the required checklist you must complete with the owner there is a section there to mark off any existing damages of the RV.

    Am I responsible for emptying the grey and black tanks

    Yes, how the RV is given to you is how it should be returned. RVezy recommends speaking with the owner in regards to the grey and black tanks as some owners require you have it emptied (owners should show you how to properly do this) and some owners prefer if they do it themselves when the RV is returned.

    What do I need in the RV if I am crossing the border?

    If you are planning on heading to our neighbours down south, across the border then you will need to provide 3 things: RVezy Rental Voucher Insurance Certificate provided by RVezy Vehicle Registration You can also check out this blog for more information in regards to travelling to the United States.


    How do I get my security deposit back? When do I get it back? How do I leave a review?

    Your security deposit will be returned as soon as you leave your review of the trip and your experience. To leave a review, login to your account and go to your dashboard. Once in your dashboard on the left-hand side click “my bookings” and then you will see the booking and the option to review the listing. Click on the green button and you can review any additional charges the owner may have added (km overage, etc). You can then rate your experience from 1-5 stars and include some details about your trip.

    How long does it take to get the security deposit back?

    As soon as you leave your review for your trip, RVezy will release the security deposit back to the form of payment at which it was taken. It usually will take 48-72hrs for the refund to be shown back to your card.

    How do I dispute charges?

    If an owner has added charges that were not agreed upon or you think are unjust then during the review process you can dispute those charges by clicking the dispute button. Once you have disputed the charges a claims specialist from RVezy will get in touch with both the renter and the owner in regards to the charges and help both parties come to a fair agreement.

    How do I submit an insurance claim?

    If you need to submit an insurance claim please send an email to and include the booking number in the subject line. When submitting a claim please provide as much details as possible so we can get started on the booking process.


    How does it work?

    RVezy provides insurance for every rental.* RVezy is happy to be able to provide insurance on all travel trailers across Canada and Motorhomes in Ontario Alberta and Quebec. When finding an RV, during the booking process renters will be able to choose which "deductible level" they want to be responsible for in the case of an accident. 
    Regardless of the deductible protection you choose, you are fully protected by our insurance policy. 

    What are the different levels of deductible? How much do they cost?

    During the booking process you will have the choice between 3 levels of deductible protections:
    1. Basic Protection
    2. Standard Protection
    3. Premium Protection
    Basic protection: Renters will be responsible for a $5000 deductible in the case of an insurance claim.
    Cost: Free
    Standard Protection: Renters will be responsible for a $1500 deductible in the case of an insurance claim.
    Cost: 11% of rental amount
    Premium Protection: Renters will be responsible for a $250 deductible in the case of an insurance claim.
    Cost: 20% of rental amount

    What if the RV breaks down?

    RVezy has partnered with a leading roadside assistance provider to offer renters the choice to opt into the roadside assistance program at an additional price ($12/day). In the case of a breakdown, the roadside assistance will provide flat tire repair, towing, emergency hotel accommodations, emergency taxi fare, fuel/fluid delivery, locksmith, and tire replacement. RVezy is here to make sure your trip is as safe, easy and enjoyable as possible. In the case of a breakdown contact the owner first to let them know what is going on and if the issues are serious reach out to RVezy and we will be there to help.