Protection for Owners

Protection for Owners

Your RV is fully protected during every rental. We have partnered with Intact Insurance, AON and ICBC to provide industry leading insurance coverage. We also have a world-class support team to help ensure a smooth rental experience for all owners, every time their unit is rented.

Only Qualified Renters

RVezy screens every renter who will be renting your RV. All renters must be over the age of 25, possess a valid driver’s license, a clean insurance profile, and a valid credit card.

A Tried-and-True Rental Process

During every rental, a fully completed departure and return checklist form must be completed by both the renter and the owner. This checklist includes a full walk-through of the RV where the owner and renter will document the condition of the RV before it goes out. The return checklist will document any damage that has occurred during the rental. Owners must take pictures of the RV prior to the rental and after its return and be in a position to provide them to RVezy in the event of a dispute or claim.

RVezy Reimburses the Deductible

RVezy will cover the full deductible to owners in the event of a collision or accident. In the event of a claim that occurs during the delivery period while the owner is in possession of the RV, a deductible of $1000 will be applied to the owner and will not be reimbursed.

We Accept Motorhomes, Trailers, and RV Cottages

At RVezy, we want to be sure that only the safest and best RVs are available for travel. As Canadians, life on the open road is something we all cherish and now we can share that love with other outdoor enthusiasts. The following is a list of eligibility criteria to establish a standard of quality on the RVezy platform:


  • No more than 20 years old (special approval is needed for vintage motorhomes)
  • Valued less than $150 000
  • Less than 40ft in length


  • No more than 25 years old (special approval is needed for vintage trailers)
  • Valued less than $100 000
  • Factory built and CSA approved

* RVezy’s commercial insurance policy in Canada covers all trailers registered across Canada. Only Motorhomes that are registered and plated in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Quebec qualify for full coverage. Qualified trailers and motorhomes can travel all across Canada and the USA.

* RVezy’s commercial insurance policy in the United States covers all trailers in all 50 states. For motorhomes, our commericial insurance policy covers all 50 states with the exception of the State of New york. Motorhomes registered and plated in New York are responsible for proper insurance coverage for rentals. Qualified trailers and motorhomes can travel all across Canada and the US.