Modern Gypsy - Explorer

Calgary, Alberta 3

Its time to stop searching for more, you have found what you are looking for.

Fully renovated interior , loaded with features that will make your camping easy and more fun, just the way its supposed to be.

Our Modern gipsy Explorer will sleep 3 people.

Cab is left in vintage, and it is equipped with USB sockets for you to charge your devices while on the road.

There is also a USB plug at the back in the van for other devices and much more.

Equipped with a solar panel that charger two brand new over sized batteries , thru inverter you will have more then enough power to plug in your devices and much more.

We have five 110V receptacles in the van, so you can charge your smart devices, gadgets, cook, make coffee or whatever else you want do , power is here, but don’t worry if you have a cloudy day, vans engine can power the batteries as well, even though that wont be necessary.

Top bunk is an inch away from being a king bed, enjoy you sleep the way you deserve it, and yes we provide freshly washed linens, duvet, comfy pillows, blanket.

And if you want some fresh air, window is right next to you and it has a screen, so everything is easy.

Top bed has two lights, one on each side, they can light night blue or LED white.

If you got out of the bed, ready for your coffee, but you forgot to turn off the bedroom lights, no need to climb u again, we have a switch for you from which you can easily turn those light off without climbing up.

Two ceiling LED lights will provide bright white or warm white lighting.

Alberta is well known for a lot of craft beer and breweries, that one of the reasons this van has a propane fridge, and we guarantee 25 days of cool refrigeration because of the over sized propane tank.

Keep in mind that we provide the propane tank full when renting from us.

Radio is easily controlled with a remote from the back, enjoy dinner with a view and change all the radio stations possible until you find your own.

You want to play your own music? Yeah lets do it, this campervan comes with a portable Bluetooth speaker, enjoy it.

For food you will have to do some shopping, while you do , please keep in mind next:

- Toaster, for those grilled cheese that you really want when you are on the road in the middle of nowhere on a beautiful lake or a mountain.

- Convectional oven, oh yes we did, plug it in, bake pizza, lasagna, melted cheese, vegetables, with this one you can make a full meal in the oven and enjoy it.*

- Cook top, inductional portable cook top, enjoy your scrambled eggs, omelets, pattys, you name , its cooking time and you are camping and the view is amazing*

- Portable BBQ, ran on small propane tank (find it on any gas station or Valmart) , easy start, easy to use, take him out and put him anywhere, beach, bench you name it

- Pots and pans, dining set of plates, bowls, mugs, glasses of unbreakable pvc BPA free material, cooking cutlery, eating cutlery, it comes with everything you need, even a cutting board is in there.

- Coffee maker, we provide a free initial load of coffee for you first mornings, plug in your coffee maker and enjoy your morning while you are in vine country or elsewhere.

Water system

This campervan is equipped with oversized water tank, that can be filled or hooked to a line on a campsite.

Water pump is powered by electricity, no hand pumps here folks.

Grey and black water tank are in there, black water tank comes with a sewage treatment solution so everything smells like oranges, we are not joking, its actually orange scented LOL.

Toilet is located at the end in a separate room and is ran with water its full flushable toilet of a normal size.

So when it’s a little chilly outside, you have nothing to worry about.

A propane furnace that comes with this campervan is completely different then other ones out there, no messing with pilot lights and cold nights, we have equipped him with a regular thermostat, turn him on, set temperature and boom, you’re warm or hot or you name it.

List of all features:

- New carpet

- New paint

- Fridge ran on propane or 110v

- Electrical system with two over sized batteries ran on solar or by engine or can be plugged into a campsite, free cable included.

- New upholstery

- Sun blocking – heat blocking curtains

- AC at cab in front

- Cooling air system in van included for free

- LED power saving lights

- Charging station USB at front

- 5 x 110V receptacles

- Flushable toilet

- Hose for emptying tanks, included for free

- Oversized water tank, comes full for free

- Oversized propane tank, comes full for free

- Full set of plates, mugs, cups, bowls, cutlery

- Full set of pots, pans, cooking cutlery, cutting board and more

- Coffee maker with initial load of coffee

- Induction cook top*

- Convectional oven*

- Toaster

- Furnace and thermostat heating system

- Ceiling fan

- Full set of sheets, 2 pillows, blanket, duvet, freshly washed

- spices, vinegar, olive oil > free

- Manual on how to use the campervan

- Optional airport pick up

- New power inverter with display and controller

- New over sized batteries

- Free cable to plug into a camp site electrical system included

- Brand new tires

- Serviced engine with regular oil changes

- Spray horn

- Fire extinguisher

- Spot light on 12v pluggable into a cigarette lighter

- jump start cables included

- 3 x cigarette lighter in front

- 3 x USB plug ins at front



Message us for questions and more awesomeness, we made it easy, all you have to do is turn the key....

* can only operate when plugged into a campsite.

  • Air Conditioner
  • Dining Table
  • Inverter
  • Tow Hitch
  • Radio
  • Audio Inputs
  • Extra Storage
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Oven
  • Toilet
  • Pet Friendly
  • Family Friendly
  • Stove Range
  • Solar
  • Heater
  • Linens Provided
  • Vintage
  • Delivery within 50Km $100
  • Delivery within 100Km $200
  • Airport Pickup: YYC $75
  • Bedding and Linens $0.99
  • Portable GPS $9.99
  • Emptying Septic Prepayment $150
  • Propane Refill Prepayment $75
  • Fuel Refill Prepayment $250
  • Power converter from 220v to 110v $50
  • Early pick up between 11.30am.and 12.30pm $50
  • 4th person $75
  • Model: 1984 Dodge Ram b250
  • Type of RV: Class B
  • Length: 19 ft
  • Sleeps: 3
  • Base Price 199 CAD$
  • Weekly 10% Discount
  • Monthly 15% Discount