Located west of Calgary, Canmore is one of the Meccas for skiiers bound to Canada's west coast. It has ski and RV resorts that are simply world-class, as well as some of the most amazing views of imperious rocky summits like the Three Sisters or Ha Ling Peak. This makes it a great destination for climbers. It's also famous for deep blue lakes and majestic waterfalls, beautiful parks and gorgeous architecture.

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Local Canmore Attractions

Grotto Mountain

This is a really popular destination for climbing and hiking enthusiasts, all year round. It is named for the grotto that can be reached by foot through its hiking trails, and locals particularly know it for Rat's Nest Cave, a large cave where you can go exploring among the minerals and ancient rock, even with a guided tour.

Ha Ling Peak

The northwestern peak of Mount Lawrence, Ha Ling Peak, is a fantastic destination if you're into climbing, hiking, and breath taking views - this is one of the more panoramic and inspiring vistas in the west. Make sure you're up to the task if you want to take the trail all the way to the top!

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