Saint John

Saint John, Canada’s oldest incorporated city, is also the only city on the beautiful Bay of Fundy. There is simply no other place in the Maritimes where the urban charms of a vibrant, historic city nestle up against the grand, natural allure of this world-famous bay.

There’s so much to learn at the New Brunswick Museum that features the Hall of Great Whales and 3 floors of fascinating galleries. Don’t miss the Saint John City Market, the oldest continuing farmers’ market in North America, with its rafters that resemble the inverted hull of a ship. Find the perfect blend of the great outdoors so close to city life at the Irving Nature Park with its 11 km (7 mi.) of trails. Or make a day of it at Rockwood Park, one of the geosites within the Stonehammer Geopark, the only UNESCO-supported global geopark in North America. The children will love spending a day at Cherry Brook Zoo, and everyone will find enjoyment watching one of the many productions at Imperial Theatre!

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Local Saint John Attractions

Local Attractions and Must-Do

The port city of St John is home to some of Canada's most important art, culture, and history. Encompassing the Bay of Fundy, St John is a world-class destination for whale watching as well as ood, art, and history. The New Brunswick Museum and the city's Market are staple destinations if you're in town, a great way to get in touch with the roots and history of the Maritimes. St John is also a great destination for RV adventurers headed in all directions - whether you are out to see the all of Maritimes, just New Brunswick's amazing sceneries and parks, Quebec's expansive territory, or travel down to the USA for sun, fun, and shopping. Make sure you don't miss the Reversing Falls, a unique place where water flows backwards at times of the year, as well as the stunning Rockwood and Irving Nature parks.

Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark

The first North American member of UNESCO's global geoparks, Stonehammer is an incredible place to visit. It is unique in that has geological features openly exposed and easily examined that date back to the dawn of time on this planet - almost a billion years of history. It's a fantastic place to visit for geology enthusiasts or any one else interested in learning, up close and personal, about the planet's long history and formation. The park offers some of the clearest and best examples of most epochs, from the Precambrian to the last ice age, the Quaternary.

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