It’s time to meet the Hamilton you don’t know. It’s a city where arts thrive, from grass-roots galleries to century-old institutions. And where history’s presence is celebrated and honoured through its National Historic Sites, renowned museums and architecture. 

It’s a destination that unfolds in surprising ways, from its stunning natural beauty to a vibrant culinary scene. However you spend your time, let your sense of adventure guide you to new and exciting places around this dynamic, authentic destination.

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Local Hamilton Attractions

Royal Botanical Gardens

One of the most gorgeous botanical garden you will ever visit, the Royal Gardens is the pride and joy of Hamilton. It's the largest of its kind in Canada and its recognized as a National Historic Site, with 2450 acres of protected habitats. At least 50 at-risk species are protected here, and the park boasts flora native to the region as well as from all over the world - if you are there in spring make sure to catch the cherry blossoms coming to life!

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

If you're looking to RV through Ontario passing through Hamilton, you'll probably want to stay at Bronte Creek Provincial, where you can reserve campsites with power and water and the park has sewage disposal. This will let you spend a few days exploring the trails winding through the park, getting close to real Canadian landscapes and nature. There's lots to do besides: a huge outdoor pool, a children's petting zoo, a disc golf course, a Maple Syrup Festival held every year in March, and a preserved turn-of-the-century house (Spruce Lane Farm, built 1899).

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