Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is the largest city in Northwest Ontario and contains nearly half of the entire region's population. With incredible art, music, film, and culinary scenes, Canada's Greatest Outdoor City is perfect for those who are not-so-outdoorsy as well. Thunder Bay has an international airport, quality hotel and accommodation options, and makes an ideal basecamp for all of your Northwest Ontario adventures.

Located on the shores of Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake, Thunder Bay has unlimited outdoor adventure opportunities right in the city as well. With skiing, snowshoeing, fat biking and ice climbing in the winter and hiking, sailing, paddling, mountain biking and more throughout the summer months—Thunder Bay truly is Canada's Greatest Outdoor City.

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Local Thunder Bay Attractions

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

Check out the second biggest waterfall in Ontario, a majestic sight for even the most experienced of travelers, at Kakabeka Provincial. The water has cut into the stone of the river for thousands of years, revealing amazing fossils. The park and the falls are unique, in that they are home to endangered Lake Sturgeon spawn as well as a fairly important historical sight for Canadians. The park has great trails, as well, and to boot it offers camping spots with power and water plus all the facilities, including laundry.

Fort William Historical Park

The best historical destination in Thunder Bay, Fort William, is the place to take the family for a fun day. The fort used to be a fur trading post, and it is staffed by actors in character throughout the year, letting you and the family travel back in time to Canada's early days. Take pictures, go on a guided tour, and learn about the Fort's place in Canada's great explorers, traders, and pioneers.

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