RV Rentals in Summerside

RV Rentals

RV Rentals in Summerside

Discover Summerside

Prince Edward Island is known around the world for its sandy beaches, rich culture, and diverse culinary offerings. The City of Summerside has all those things and more. With a trip to Summerside, you’ll enjoy stunning ocean views, acres of green spaces, unique shopping experiences, world-class theatrical and musical performances, and more. Visitors to Summerside enjoy the amenities of a much larger City, only on a smaller scale and with a bit more charm. We truly have something for everyone.
Linkletter Provincial Park

Linkletter Provincial Park

Linkletter is likely your first destination if you're headed to PEI with RV camping in mind. It's the closest park to Confederation Bridge, and they offer amazing camping that can will serve as the perfect base of operations. You could also spend as much time as you like at the park enjoying the beaches right on the bay, exploring its trail and woodlands, or relaxing and taking a rest with full amenities - washrooms, showers, kitchen shelter, laundry, and sewage disposal. They not only serviced sites, but also offer Wifi.
Local Attractions and Destinations

Local Attractions and Destinations

Summerside is an excellent starting place or base of operations if you want to see the Island in detail and at your own pace. Of course, an RV is the best way to do this. Summerside has a ton of local draws: beautiful marinas and shores, amazing food, great architecture and museums. The Eptek Art & Culture Museum has exhibits which will get you in touch with the local history going back to Confederation, and you still have the International Fox Museum and and Wyatt Historic House to visit after that. Summerside is also perfectly placed in the middle of PEI, so you can make a trip to just about anywhere from the Northern tip, passing through Charlottetown and PEI National Park on your way, to White Sands and Murray Harbour.

Frequently asked questions

How does RVezy work?

RVezy is a marketplace that connects RV owners with travelers looking to rent an RV. RVezy takes care of everything, including RV and renter verifications, payments, insurance, and customer support.

How much does it cost to rent an RV near Summerside?

Motorhomes around Summerside average $200/night while towable trailers are around $120/night. Most RV owners offer weekly and monthly discounts between 10 and 20%.

What’s included in the RV rental?

Most rentals include all the essentials you need for a great trip. From cookware, to linens, owners do their best to make you feel at home. Each RV listing will provide details around what’s included.

How far can I go with the RV? What’s the price for mileage?

Most owners offer either unlimited kilometers or very generous daily limits. The included mileage and extras appear on your booking estimate before you put in your booking request.

What’s required to rent or drive an RV?

In the majority of cases, RVezy rentals require a driver with an unrestricted license for 8 years and clean insurance profile. You don’t need a special class to drive most motorhomes.

How am I insured/covered during my rental?

Every RV rental is fully insured through our commercial fleet policy. You can also add-on our 24/7 roadside assistance at any time before your trip begins.

Are RV rentals pet-friendly?

Many owners allow pets in their RV. You can search for pet-friendly RVs or check the individual listings to see if there are any extra fees or deposits required for you to bring your furry friends.

How does RV delivery work?

As an add-on, most RV owners are willing to deliver and/or set up their RV to help simplify your trip. Ex: have a trailer delivered to a local campground so you don’t want to drive.

What do I do if I have additional questions?

RVezy’s customer support team is happy to answer any questions that come up before, during or after your rental. You can contact us anytime at help.rvezy.com.

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