The city of Saskatoon is favourably positioned with the South Saskatchewan River winding through it. Nine bridges span its gentle flow, linking east to west. An active city, residents and visitors alike flock to the Meewasin Valley trails, traversing sixty kilometres of pathways in all seasons. 

The city’s youthful vitality and cultural richness are evident in every neighbourhood, thanks in part to the University of Saskatchewan, where leading-edge technology such as the Canadian Light Source synchrotron draws the best minds from around the world.

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Local Saskatoon Attractions

Pike Lake Provincial Park

Pike Lake is a fantastic spot for fishing, as the name might lead you to guess. It's also a fantastic spot to go swimming, boating, kayaking, or canoeing. It has a beautiful trail for hiking or biking, playgrounds, and a water-slide for the kids. You can have dream picnics under the poplars, ash, and birch native to the park. They also offer sites with electricity and sewage, which makes it a great destination for RV vacations.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

If you're looking for a different type of attraction, you can get in touch with our Indigenous Heritage at Wanuskewin Heritage Park - a centre for culture, history, and growth that protects the land and the way of living of the Wanuskewin. With plans to expand, adding more educational programs and protected lands, as well as a herd of buffalo, the Park is a link to the past and future of a people. You can learn about the history, beliefs, and traditions from members of the nation.

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