Roadtrek - Camper Van

Toronto, Ontario 4

Enjoy a totally awesome and unique RV experience in this beautiful Roadtrek!PLEASE NOTE: This unit is listed under the category of "RV COTTAGE" which means it is only available for stationary use.  In my location in downtown Toronto.  Sorry, but repairs on an older motorhome can be expensive.Stay parked in uban downtown Toronto and use this Roadtrek as your very own Urban Glamping experience! Save on expensive hotels in the downtown Toronto area. You will wake up surrounded by the beautiful hustle and bustle of Toronto life! $75/night, $525/weekRoadtreks are compact and have all the usual motorhome features. They are considered the Rolls-Royces of motorhomes because they are built to last with superior quality workmanship and materials.1992 Roadtrek Class B + 19' Van Camper/Motorhome on a Dodge Ram Van 350 rugged extended length and width.1-ton chassis is more rugged and stable than the usual 3/4-ton chassis.Small, 5.2 litre 8-cylinder engine, automatic transmission with over-drive.Fuel injected so it is easy on gas and more reliable than carbuerated models made before 1990.Safety certificate.Partially raised roof with sunken floor so that you can walk around easily inside the unit.Looks like a van with a raised rood so that it is unobtrusive.Never be caught looking for a motel room or campsite in the GTA!I include a quiet external gasoline generator that connects to this motorhome to produce 2000 watts of household AC current for an additional $50/night.Sleeps 4 people: two in a large double bed and one in each of two small single beds.Please message me for details!

  • Dining Table
  • Generator
  • Family Friendly
Add-ons Click Request to Book to choose Add-ons
  • Portable Generator $50
  • Model: 1992 Roadtrek Dodge 3500 Ram Van 1-Ton - STATIONARY USE Only (Parked in Downtown Toronto)
  • Type of RV: RV Cottage
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Base Price 95 CAD$
  • Weekly 8% Discount
  • Monthly 28% Discount