Employee Spotlight: Data Analyst

Employee Spotlight: Data Analyst

Welcome back to our Employee Spotlight series. What makes RVezy's culture so great is our people so we want to highlight them whenever we can. When you join our team, you're joining a group of passionate and motivated people who love what they do and want to continue helping the company move forward (while having fun along the way)!

Meet Yuji, one of our Senior Data Analysts.

What's your name and your job title?

My name is Yuji, and I'm a senior data analyst here at RVezy. A fun fact about me is I have a black belt in Taekwondo!

What's it like to be in data?

Being in data means that you have to quickly adapt to changes, quickly produce insights that can impact the business. So what I love about RVezy is that they heavily rely on your data expertise and that they're ready to action based on your data insights.

Do you have opportunities for growth?

And another thing I love about RVezy is that as someone who is very interested in data science and machine learning, it's a place where I'm not limited to only a limited set of tools and methodologies. Yeah, it's a place that I can really explore and grow professionally.

What's the working culture like?

Working culture is great, everybody is open to everyone's feedback. So there's a lot of communication between all your colleagues, which is what I love, and you learn a lot from them too.

What makes someone successful in a data role?

So I think that you'll be successful at RVezy if you're someone who is patient to understand business needs and you are thorough with your communication with people across teams. I think that you'll do great if you have experience using your insights to impact the business and experience in a double-sided marketplace.