How One Idea to Make More Money Changed the RV Rental Industry

How One Idea to Make More Money Changed the RV Rental Industry

In 2016, Mike McNaught and Will Thompson stumbled upon the profitable side hustle —renting out their private RVs. They realized they were generating serious amounts of secondary income and wondered why more people weren't doing the same. People rented out their cabins and cars, but hardly anyone rented out their RVs because no marketplace existed. So, that’s when the idea to start RVezy, an online peer-to-peer marketplace made by and for RV owners was born.

Since our start, we’ve grown almost 3000% and have expanded into the United States, making us the top-rated RV rental marketplace in North America.

We believe in empowering thousands of RV entrepreneurs to share their passion for the outdoors while earning additional income when they aren't using their vehicles. This concept gives outdoor enthusiasts a safe and affordable way to rent unique and authentic RVs from private owners.

With the most comprehensive insurance compared to other rental services, 24/7 roadside assistance, an easy-to-use app, and best-in-class support, we are the most reliable way to rent RVs.

Our passion for travel means we’re committed to providing exceptional customer support while sharing our vast RV knowledge and experience. We’ve brought together like-minded people who help create an ecosystem that allows traveling and vacationing in an RV to be accessible, reliable, safe, and easy.

So, check out our blog posts. They're a great resource for people of all knowledge levels to learn and prepare for your next RV adventure.

Don't wait. If you have an RV, list it now and start making serious cash. Don't have an RV? You don't have to miss out. Rent one now so you can get out of town.

Find the perfect RV for your road trip today, or let us help you find what you are looking for!

Read what owners and renters have to say about their experience.

Check out our founder's successful appearance on CBC’s Dragons Den

It’s the people who make RVezy special

Our team at RVezy has been rapidly growing with diverse entrepreneurs who have a passion for the outdoors and traveling. With roots in Ottawa, Ontario, our team has lived across Canada from the Northern oil fields of Alberta to the small fishing villages of Newfoundland. Our perspective remains unique with international team members stretching from the United States to Europe to the Middle East. Like you, we’re RV owners and renters, and we understand how important it is to create wholesome memories with the people we love. We believe there’s no better way to connect with what matters most to you than through an RV.  

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