Why list your RV with RVezy?

$1-2M Insurance

You are fully protected! RVezy’s insurance policy covers all physical and collision damage along with $1M liability for US owners and $2M liability for Canadian Owners.

Pre-Screened Renters

All renters are verified and must qualify through the insurance check that will ensure that your RV is in great hands.

Secure Payout System

All transactions occurring through RVezy are secured and guaranteed to you with direct deposits.

Join the Most Trusted RV Community in North America.

RV Owners: Frequently Asked Questions

What is RVezy? How does this work?

RVezy is North America's RV rental marketplace! If you own an RV, you can list it for free on our website and rent it out to aspiring vacationers when you’re not using it. You can earn on average $1400/week. As an owner on the RVezy platform, we provide the insurance for your RV when it is being rented out. You and your RV are fully protected in all situations.

Is it free to list my RV with RVezy?

Yes, listing your RV is completely free.

How does RVezy make money?

RVezy takes a 15% service fee from every booking.

For example; If you set your rental price for $1000/week, you receive $850 and we take $150.

What if my RV gets damaged?

Our experience is that RVs are well taken care of by renters and come back in the same, if not better, condition than when it goes out.

In the extremely rare case that your RV is damaged during the rental, you are backed by our industry leading insurance coverage. Your coverage during the rental includes:

  • $2M third-party liability coverage ($1m in the United States)
  • Collision and Comprehensive
  • Physical Damage
  • No deductible costs to you as an owner

Can I set my own pricing?

Yes, you have full control of your listing!

As the owner, you set the pricing, availability, renter screening, pets allowed or smoking friendly and any other conditions for your RV.

Motorhomes are generally priced between $1000-$1,500/week and travel trailers are priced between $600-$800/week.

How does insurance work?

As an owner with RVezy, your RV is fully protected by our insurance policy when it is being rented through us. What Is Included:

  • $2m Third Party Liability Coverage ($1m in the United States)
  • Collision & Comprehensive
  • All Physical damages
  • Fire, Theft & Vandalism

How it Works: When you are using your RV it will be your personal insurance policy, when it gets rented through RVezy, on the trip start date the insurance coverage switches over to the RVezy insurance policy protecting your RV for the duration of the rental.

If you would like to see more information about the Insurance, you can also head to the Trust and Safety section of the site.

Why should I list my RV with RVezy?

Rvezy is a great platform that allows private RV owners to be able to rent out their RV when they’re not using it.

RVezy provides insurance to your RV when it is being rented out so owners do not have to get a commercial insurance policy. We take care of all payments, security deposits, support and help drive traffic to your RV to keep your RV as busy as you want it to be.

How do you screen renters?

In order to rent an RV you must have had a valid drivers license for over 8 years which would result in all renters being at least 25 years of age.

Once a renter submits a booking request they are required to complete a drivers license check and insurance check.

Can I decline a booking?

Yes, you have full control over who will be renting your RV. You will receive booking requests from potential renters.

They will often provide details about their plans, if you are not comfortable with those plans or the RV is not available during those times you are able to decline the booking.