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7 Renovations for RV Rentals To Make Your Camper Stand Out

Posted on May 7, 2024

7 Renovations for RV Rentals To Make Your Camper Stand Out

Guest post written by RV Inspiration

With RV rentals available across all fifty states and Canada, your RV rental needs to be able to stand out against the competition. Many rentals aren’t renovated at all, leaving a factory floor plan and interiors that create a neutral, personality-free space.

If travelers wanted a boring space for their vacation, they would book a hotel. But these campers want adventure in the great outdoors, and your RV is exactly what they are looking for.

Simple renovations can make your RV rental shine among a sea of sameness. Choose a couple of these renovation ideas to make your RV more spacious, attractive, and camper-friendly.

1. Add open shelving

Most RVs have more storage cabinets than a rental requires. Cabinets, particularly if unpainted, can make an RV feel darker and smaller. By removing a few of them and adding shelves, you can add decor and make your tiny home feel trendy and new.

Photo credit by Angellina

Remove your upper cabinets in the kitchen and add a couple of shelves to give your kitchen a completely fresh look. Add vases, fake plants, frames, or large bowls for modern decor. Open shelving may not seem suitable for an RV, but you can easily anchor decor on shelves with acrylic mounting tape.

Or, buy a couple of small shelves on Amazon and add them to your RV bathroom for storing extra toilet paper or hand soaps. The added shelves and decor will give your camper a more high-end look, making it feel more like a cozy home and less like a trailer.

2. Add a fireplace

Nothing makes a living room feel cozier than a fireplace!

Depending on your rental area, a fireplace may not be a wise financial investment (I’m talking about you, Florida).

Photo credit by Wayland Ventures

But fireplaces add resale value to your RV as well as being an easy electric heat source. If you’re renting up north or in the mountains where fireplaces may be used year-round, consider adding one to your RV living or bedroom area.

Professional renovators Wayland Ventures note that they always add a fireplace to their renovations because of the value it adds to the camper.

3. Skip the paint; opt for wallpaper instead

Updating your RV walls is one of the fastest ways to transform and modernize your RV interior, particularly in older rigs. You can paint over your RV wallpaper easily, but paint can get scuffed or chipped easily from constant use. This is extra maintenance and cleaning for you and can cheapen the look of your renovation.

Wallpaper is a better solution and a popular design trend that can stay looking good for longer. You can find some great-quality designs and options on Amazon, like the green plaid wallpaper in this RV renovation.

Photo credit @whitefloridafarmhouse

Wallpaper can peel due to the extreme temperatures experienced when the RV is stored, particularly in winter and summer. Adding an extra line of adhesive along the tops and edges of your wallpaper as you hang it can prevent peeling and keep your rental looking as good as new.

For easy cleaning in high-trafficked or messier areas like doorways and bathrooms, consider something even more durable like shiplap, beadboard, faux brick, or board and batten.

4. Replace your floors with LVP

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is the most popular flooring added to RVs during renovations for its durability and affordable price tag. But these floating floors are also easy to install and won’t move or break while the camper is in motion.

Photo credit @whitefloridafarmhouse

To install floating floors, use the tools provided with the planks and nail down the edges to keep the floor in place. Check your local hardware store for available styles, or you can order online from major stores like Lowes or Home Depot. Allure by Home Depot is a popular choice with RV renovators that come in wood plank and tile styles.

In addition to making your RV look beautiful, LVP is easy to sweep and keep looking clean.

5. Paint the exterior

When I search for an RV to rent near me, there are plenty of options, and they all seem to have the same first photo! From a renter’s perspective, these are all the same trailer.

Photo credit @whitefloridafarmhouse

Painting your RV’s exterior is a great way to show that the inside of your RV is updated, different, and like new. This rental is pink on the outside and is a fun, girly cottage inside.

You don’t have to go so far to make your rental stand out. Simply removing the manufacturer's decals or giving the outside a fresh coat of paint can make your RV pop on the search results.

6. Add custom bunk beds

The more people your camper can sleep, the more you can charge. Add custom bunks to your camper to make room for all the kids and grandkids joining on the next family road trip. These added custom bunks even hid a trundle bed for the extra sleeping room!

Photo credit Brittany Suze

If you’re renting a motorhome, be sure not to add more beds than you have seatbelts, or note this in your rental description. If your RV sleeps 9 but only offers seatbelts for 7, let renters know by adding your RV’s floor plan and noting the location of all beds and seatbelts. All passengers in a motorhome should be buckled while the vehicle is in motion.

7. Add decor

Even the blandest hotel rooms have art on the walls! Add a little decor to your walls, or throw pillows to your couch to add color and warmth to your RV.

Photo credit Simply Sarah Rainwater

Consider hanging framed prints of your rental area to highlight great things to do nearby. If you live near a national or state park, you could highlight scenic overlooks or trails, letting the art on your walls act like a guidebook.

Add color to your camper by adding fake plants. Use acrylic mounting tape to secure plants to shelves or countertops. Even fake plants can make a space feel more alive!

7 renovations for RV rentals to make your camper stand out

An RV renovation is more than breaking out some power tools and paintbrushes. It’s what can turn a sterile RV interior into a home on wheels that feels like a mountain getaway or a beach escape.

Wherever your RV rental is located, think of how you can make it stand out and attract customers in your area. Don’t be afraid to add colors and brighten up the space by updating the walls and adding decor. Try a few of these RV updates and watch your RV rentals grow this season.

Which of these renovation ideas will you use to upgrade your RV interior?

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