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Top 10 Coolest Modern RVs, Trailers, and Truck Campers

Posted on July 7, 2021
Top 10 Coolest Modern RVs, Trailers, and Truck Campers

Are you looking for the coolest RVs on the market?

Crazy custom conversions and tricked-out trailers are fun to look at, but they might not be easy to buy or rent because of their unique features or limited availability.

RVezy’s list of the top 10 coolest RVs, trailers, and truck campers features real RVs made from some of North America’s most trusted manufacturers.

These RVs are so cool; you might have a hard time picking a favorite.

Check ‘em out!

Happier Camper Traveler

Overview: The Happier Camper Traveler is a small and functional fiberglass travel trailer made to be towed by many cars and SUVs.

Type of RV: Travel trailer.

Length: 17 feet.

Sleeps: 2.

Maximum trailer capacity (GVWR): 2,500 pounds.

Tanks: 17 gallons of freshwater and 17 gallons of gray water with the option to add a dry flush or plumbed toilet.

Why it’s cool: The Traveler is a lightweight trailer made per your specifications. Happier Camper configures each RV using a modular system that allows you to pick the interior features that matter the most. The Traveler is made with a fiberglass shell and comes with all-season insulation, panoramic windows, and an optional solar package.

Airstream Interstate 24X

Overview: The Airstream Interstate 24X is a Class B RV that mixes Airstream’s iconic features paired with rugged off-road capabilities.

Type of RV: Class B.

Length: 24 feet.

Sleeps: Up to 2.

Engine: V6 turbo diesel.

Chassis: Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter.

Tanks: 23 gallons freshwater, 24 gallons gray water, and 11 gallons black water.

Why it’s cool: The Airstream Interstate 24X is made for off-the-grid camping. The rugged, all-season four-wheel-drive tires will take adventure seekers to dispersed camping locations in almost any weather condition. The fresh and gray heated tanks, two 100 Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battle Born Batteries (LiFePO4), solar inverter, and rear gear-washing station make it easy for you to spend more than a few days without hookups.

InTech Terra Oasis Rover

Overview: The InTech Terra Oasis Rover is a self-contained travel trailer made from a fiberglass shell built on a durable, all-aluminum frame.

Type of RV: Travel trailer.

Length: 26 feet.

Sleeps: 4.

Maximum trailer capacity (GVWR): 7,500 pounds.

Tanks: 44 gallons freshwater, 39 gallons gray water, and 39 gallons black water.

Why it’s cool: InTech has upped the luxury travel trailer game by adding high-tech touches like colorful LED lighting and a huge laminated glass panoramic windshield. The Rover model has off-road tires, a slide-out rear outdoor kitchen, and a power awning, so the outdoor living space is just as functional as the indoor living space.

RVezy pro tip: RV manufacturers design sleeping spaces differently. Before you rent or buy an RV, it’s a good idea to consult the owner, view a floor plan, or check out the rig at a local dealership. Sometimes, RV beds have shorter mattresses or less space than a standard-sized bed.

Scout Kenai

Overview: The Scout Kenai truck camper is customizable, simple, and created for off-grid living.

Type of RV: Truck camper.

Exterior dimensions: 83 feet wide by 83 feet high.

Interior height: 80 feet high.

Sleeps: Up to 6.

Dry weight: 1370 pounds.

Truck compatibility: Made for heavier duty trucks with full-sized beds.

Tanks: 4.9+ gallon filterable and portable freshwater Jerry can and a 4.75-gallon portable cassette toilet (optional).

Why it’s cool: The Scout Kenai truck camper is flexible and customizable. This four-season camper is made for the most adventurous campers, even when temperatures dip below freezing. The outdoor gear locker, pop-up tent option, and propane fireplace options add usable storage space and a layer of comfort that makes the camper both functional and cozy.

Fleetwood Discovery 36Q

Overview: The Fleetwood Discovery 36Q is a diesel Class A motorhome with a flexible living space for today’s digital nomads.

Type of RV: Class A.

Length: 40 feet.

Sleeps: Up to 6.

Engine: Cummins 6.7 liter diesel.

Chassis: Freedom Bridge by Fleetwood.

Tanks: 105 gallons freshwater, 75 gallons gray water, and 50 gallons black water.

Why it’s cool: The Fleetwood Discovery has been a favorite motorhome for over 25 years because Fleetwood designs RVs around the current trends. The 36Q has modern touches like lighter interior colors, large televisions, a washer and dryer, and a dinette that converts into a desk or workstation.

Safari Condo Alto R1713

Overview: The Safari Condo Alto R1713 — is it a pop-up trailer or a teardrop trailer? It’s both!

Type of RV: Travel trailer.

Length: 17.3 feet.

Sleeps: 3 to 4.

Maximum trailer capacity (GVWR): 2,500 pounds.

Tanks: 16 gallons freshwater, 16 gallons gray water, and 12 gallons black water.

Why it’s cool: The Alto’s retractable roof is a feature that sets it apart from other teardrop trailers on the market. When the roof is closed, the trailer has a smaller profile, helping it fit inside a standard-size garage. The Alto is also a lightweight and aerodynamic trailer. When the roof retracts, the unique design helps reduce trailer drag. Compared to other travel trailers, the Alto has a 75% reduced drag ratio.

Winnebago Ekko

Overview: The Winnebago Ekko is an all-wheel-drive (AWD) Class C RV with a twist. The Ekko fits into the industry’s unofficial class category as a B-Plus RV because it has the efficiency of a campervan and the capacity of a Class C RV.

Type of RV: Class C.

Length: 23.2 feet.

Sleeps: 4.

Engine: Gas.

Chassis: Ford AWD Transit chassis.

Tanks: 50 gallons freshwater, 51 gallons gray water, and a 5-gallon cassette toilet.

Why it’s cool: RVers who like to camp and adventure near trails, lakes, and rivers will love the Winnebago Ekko. The Ekko appeals to all campers, especially people who want to boondock or stay outside traditional campgrounds. The AWD gives the rig more stability and traction, which means it’s easier to pull up to the trail or river, park, and be on your bike or kayak in no time. The heated pass-through gear storage area is perfect for your outdoor gear, and the solar and all-weather capacity makes it easy to adventure during any season.

Tiffin Wayfarer 25LW

Overview: The Tiffin Wayfarer 25LW is a small and capable diesel-fueled Class C RV built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis, so it fits into the unofficial B-Plus RV subcategory.

Type of RV: Class C.

Length: 25.8 feet.

Sleeps: 4.

Engine: 3.0 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

Chassis: Mercedes-Benz.

Tanks: 32 gallons freshwater, 32 gallons gray water, and 28 gallons black water.

Why it’s cool: Tiffin is a respected name in the RV industry. The company once only manufactured Class A RVs, but the brand now spans multiple RV classes since launching the Wayfarer. The Wayfarer 25LW is small and capable and has a twin-bed sleeping arrangement with pop-up clothing storage underneath one of the beds and a pass-through storage area under the other bed.

Black Series HQ19

Overview: The Black Series HQ19 travel trailer is custom designed for off-road camping and bumpy terrain, but its luxurious interior and diamond-plating exterior still help campers feel right at home in a campground.

Type of RV: Travel trailer.

Length: 26.24 feet.

Sleeps: 4.

Maximum trailer capacity (GVWR): 10,000 pounds.

Chassis: One-piece galvanized chassis with a secondary unbreakable off-road chassis.

Tanks: 50 gallons general water, 16 gallons drinking water, 26 gallons gray water, and 26 gallons black water

Why it’s cool: What’s not cool about this RV? The indestructible-looking exterior is not just for looks. This travel trailer goes where traditional travel trailers can’t. The dual axle, independent suspension gets campers to remote boondocking locations off the grid. Add in the roof-mounted solar panels, two 5-gallon Jerry can holders, and an outdoor kitchen and shower, and it’s easy to enjoy your time either outside or inside of the RV.

Grand Design Reflection 311BHS

Overview: The Grand Design Reflection 311BHS is a luxurious fifth wheel designed to feel like a residential home on wheels.

Type of RV: Fifth wheel.

Length: 36.10 feet.

Sleeps: Up to 10.

Maximum trailer capacity (GVWR): 13,995 pounds.

Tanks: 80 gallons freshwater, 87 gallons gray water, and 87 gallons black water.

Why it’s cool: The Grand Design Reflection is the ideal fifth wheel for full-time RVers and weekend warriors. The large layout features everything from a bath and a half to theater seating, making the RV comfortable for a large family. In addition, the fifth wheel comes with a large kitchen with an island inside and an outdoor kitchen outside. For campers who want to RV year-round, the Arctic 4-Seasons Protection Package is the perfect upgrade to help make camping more comfortable in the cold.

Trouble deciding?

Each RV, trailer, and truck camper on our list has one or more cool qualities. It won’t be easy to pick your favorite. Need help narrowing down your choices? First, decide what kind of camping you’d like to try. Then, choose the type of RV you think you’d enjoy the most. If you aren't sure whether to start with a motorhome or trailer — RVezy makes it easy to try them all.

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