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DIY Hacks From Experienced Full-Time RV Owners

Posted on October 30, 2019
DIY Hacks From Experienced Full-Time RV Owners

From adjusting to the limited counter space and storage, to suffering the occasional bumps on the head, stubbed toes, and bashed shins, no matter how well designed your RV is there are still going to be some challenges when living the tiny RV life.

Thankfully, there are many inventive pioneers that came before you, so if you find yourself facing the same challenges – mostly dealing with space, or lack thereof – check out this list of some of the most popular DIY hacks from experienced full-time RV owners.

Add More Counter Space With An RV Stove Cover

Although the average RV stove only takes up about a half a metre (20 inches) of counter space, that's still nearly 50 centimetres of prized kitchen real-estate that could be put to good use. Many RVs come equipped with a stove cover, which is not only used to help keep the stove clean while not in use, but adds much-needed counter space. If your particular model did not come with such a cover, or if you are looking to add more functionality to your cover, check out this DIY hack from Motorhome.com where a leftover piece on laminate is used to create a functional stove cover.

RV Sink Cover That Doubles As A Cutting Board

Just like the RV stove, another area of potentially unused kitchen counter real-estate is none other than the kitchen sink. And just like stove covers, many RVs will come equipped with sink covers to help add much needed extra counter space to your RV kitchen. If your RV doesn't come with a sink cover, or you wanted to make your own you can easily recreate the sink cover cutting boards from the image above. All you need is a large cutting board, a hacksaw and someone who can draw a perfect circle.

RV Oven Hack

Speaking of RV stoves, because of their size RV ovens are notorious for cooking things a little too much and a little too unevenly. So if you like your turkey burnt to a crisp on the outside and raw on the inside, well feel free to skip the rest of this tip. However, if you like your food not charred and properly cooked a great hack to help distribute the heat and cook that food evenly is to simply add a pizza stone to the bottom of the oven.

RV Awning Brace Covers

It amazes me that after all these years owning the same head that I still manage to connect it solidly with almost everything that I encounter – from low doorjambs and cupboards, to even bouncing it off a stranger's head when we both attempt to pick up a fallen item. You'd think by now I'd know where the dang thing is and be able to treat it with a little more care. However, of all its bumps and bruises, the one that smarts the most are those sudden encounters with the dreaded awning brace. Well fear no more my spatially challenged friends, the answer to all your worries comes in the form of a foam pool noodle. Simply slit the noodle down the middle and wrap it around the brace. Headaches no more!

Glow In The Dark Tape

One of the hardest things to get used to when staying at a new place is figuring out how to avoid all those toe-stubbing, shin-bashing obstacles when you try to negotiate yourself around your camp in the middle of the night. A simple and easy hack is to purchase some glow in the dark tape. It's perfect for highlighting the edges of RV steps, or even to put on the collars of your furry babies so you can keep track of their comings and goings in the dark.

Deterring Pests

Living the RV life usually means you are more exposed to the wild. Although nature can be beautiful, it can also be a pain in the neck when it comes to pests, be them the insect variety or four-legged furry types. Here are two amazing DIY hacks that help to deter the most common pests:

Now you might think it would be hard to put flea collars on those wasps' tiny little necks, and you'd right. Thankfully you'll never have to do that, because really, who cares if a wasp gets fleas, right? For some reason, wasps love the smell and taste of propane, so you will likely find these pests in and around any of your propane storage areas on your RV. A simple and creative solution is to simply place a few pieces of a flea directly at the source, and voila, no more wasps.

Irish Spring mouse repellent

If you thought flea collar wasp repellent was amazing, wait until you try using Irish Spring as a mouse repellent. The best part about using this specific bar of soap is that it is non-toxic and will not harm other animals that like to snack on mice.

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