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How to Sell Your RV for Free in the US: Top 4 Websites

Posted on March 19, 2024

How to Sell Your RV for Free in the US: Top 4 Websites

Selling an RV?

Choosing the right website to list your RV for sale can save you time and money.

This article provides the top four websites for selling your RV online in the U.S. for free.

We also highlight the benefits of selling an RV online and provide tips and tools for when you’re ready to sell.

Let’s get started.

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Table of contents

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. RVezy
  3. iRV2 forum
  4. Community classifieds and buy-and-sell apps

The top 4 sites to sell your RV for free in the US

In an era where digital marketplaces and applications dominate the buying and selling scene, finding a free solution to sell your RV in the U.S. isn't easy. While numerous platforms charge fees for listing and promoting your items, a few websites and apps allow you to advertise and sell your RV without spending a dime.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a versatile platform for selling practically anything, including recreational vehicles. Even though Facebook started as a social networking app, it is still a top choice for listing your RV for free because it's convenient, easy, and helps find buyers close to home.


RVezy is the only RV marketplace in the U.S. that doesn't charge a listing fee, making it the best no-risk platform for selling your RV.

The RVezy marketplace launched in 2024 and is the newest addition to the RVezy family. RVezy originated as a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace and is one of the top RV rental companies in the U.S. and Canada. With the addition of the new buy-and-sell marketplace, RVezy is the fastest-growing platform for buying, selling, and renting RVs.

Did you know you can offset your ownership costs by renting out your RV? Instead of selling your camper, why not rent it out while saving up for your dream upgrade? Use the RVezy earnings calculator to calculate how much you can make renting out your RV.

iRV2 forum

If you want a well-established place to sell your RV for free in the United States, consider listing on iRV2 forum. iRV2 is an established part of the RV Life Pro lineup, and it's a community forum where you can list your RV for sale at no cost. RV forums are less popular than they used to be, but they're a great place to target buyers who aren't on Facebook or other marketplaces.

Community classifieds and buy-and-sell apps

With the rising popularity of online marketplaces and mobile apps, classified sections in newspapers and magazines have become a secondary place for people to list something for sale. If you live in a city or town that still distributes print newspapers or has a free online classified section for locals, you may want to publish your listing there, too, because you'll be able to attract more local buyers.

The newspaper isn't your only option for selling things locally. You can also list your RV for sale for free on a community-based website or local buy-and-sell app like Nextdoor or OfferUp.

Selling a used RV

The key to a successful RV sale is transparency between you and the buyer. Consult with your lender if you still owe money on your RV to ensure you handle all financial transactions securely and legally. Since every state has different criteria for selling and registering a used RV, you and the buyer are equally responsible for providing or submitting the required documentation to the bank or Department of Motor Vehicles.

Looking for some tips and tricks for selling an RV? Check out How to Sell an RV: 10 Tips for a Smooth Sale.

Frequently asked questions

Can I sell my RV to a private party if I still owe money on it?

Yes, but be transparent with potential buyers about the loan. Typically, you'll use an escrow service and meet at the bank or lender's office to securely transfer the funds, pay off the loan, and process the title.

How do I transfer the RV title to the buyer?

Once the lender receives the payoff, it will release the lien and send the title (and any profit) to you. You'll be responsible for sending the original title to the new owner.

What documents do I need to sell my RV to a private party?

You'll probably have to provide the buyer with the original title and a notarized bill of sale. Sometimes, you may need to provide other supporting documents, such as proof of tax payment or any documentation the buyer might need to complete a VIN verification.

What if the buyer requests to have a third-party inspection before buying my RV?

It's up to both you and the buyer to determine if and where the RV inspection will take place and who's responsible for the cost of the inspection. Inspectors generally check for mechanical issues, water damage, and overall functionality.

What happens if I don't want to have my RV inspected?

Sometimes, a state may require a licensed third-party inspector to inspect the RV. In fact, states can ask for a certified inspection as part of the registration process, especially if the RV is a custom-built van or trailer. This process could be as simple as a VIN verification or require extra documentation detailing the history and origin of the parts used in the vehicle's assembly and/or repair.

Do I have to keep my registration and insurance current when I'm selling my RV?

Yes. It's essential to keep your registration and insurance current throughout the selling process to avoid legal issues and ensure you'll have coverage should your RV become damaged or become involved in an accident.

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