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Important Updates to Delivery Pricing

Posted on March 25, 2024

Important Updates to Delivery Pricing

At Rvezy, we aim to make RV rentals as smooth and enjoyable as possible for our hosts and guests. Based on valuable insights from thousands of bookings and feedback over the last year, we’re thrilled to roll out an update to our delivery pricing structure.

Here’s What’s New:

Maximum Delivery Distance:  Say goodbye to rigid delivery boundaries! Hosts now have the freedom to define how far they are willing to deliver the RV, giving you complete control and sparing you from requests beyond your preferred range.

Minimum Delivery Fee: For those shorter trips, setting a minimum delivery fee ensures that your delivery efforts are always rewarded, regardless of distance.

Per Kilometer/Mile Pricing: With our new per km/mi pricing model, you decide the delivery charge, making transactions transparent for you and your guests.

The Benefits For You

Reduced Service Fees: Listening to hosts directly, we’ve dramatically reduced the fee associated with delivery to a flat 5%, ensuring a bigger slice of the pie is yours to keep.

Boost in Booking Requests: Hosts offering delivery have seen their booking requests soar by 40%. That's a lot of happy campers!

Simplified Pricing Structure: We're cutting through the complexity of distance-based pricing, making it straightforward for guests to understand what they’re paying for, and why they should book your RV.

Improved Conversions: Sticking to the recommended delivery fees not only makes your listing more appealing to potential travelers it's proven to increase your chances of filling your calendar.

This update is much more than a tweak to pricing; it’s a step towards making RV rentals more accessible, enjoyable, and beneficial for the entire RVezy community. By aligning our delivery pricing with the needs and wants of both hosts and guests, we’re paving the road for a future filled with adventure and unforgettable memories.

The Rvezy Team

          Ready to update your delivery pricing?

Using the IOS/Android native app

  1. Tap the More icon on your navigation bar in the RVezy App
  2. In the menu that appears, tap "my listings" and select the RV to edit.
  3. While editing, navigate to the pricing section and scroll down to the delivery option.
  4. You can view and modify your delivery pricing to your desired amounts here.  

Using web/mobile web

  1. Login to your RVezy account and click on "My RVezy" in the navigation bar.
  2. From your dashboard, select the listing you want to edit and click on "edit"
  3. Navigate to the pricing section and scroll down to the delivery option.
  4. You can view and modify your delivery pricing to your desired amounts here.

Team RVezy
Team RVezy

Team RVezy is a group of RV enthusiasts who traverse the U.S. and Canada in our campervans, tiny trailers, and motorhomes. We love the open road and the feeling of having nowhere to go but everywhere.

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