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Video Walkthroughs: A New Way for Guests to Explore Your RV.

Posted on May 25, 2024

Video Walkthroughs: A New Way for Guests to Explore Your RV.

We are excited to announce a new feature that is in the works that gives customers a new way to explore and book your RV. Today, hosts can now upload a video walkthrough of their RV(s), providing potential guests with an immersive view of the vehicle before booking.

While this is still a work-in-progress we have created a simple way for you to submit videos now and get them on your listing before anyone else.

Why Video Walkthroughs?

Immersive Experience for Your Guests
For many, the idea of renting an RV can be both exciting and daunting. With video walkthroughs, guests can get a detailed visual tour of the RV, showcasing its features, layout, and additional amenities you provide. This immersive experience helps clear up any uncertainties about the RV and builds confidence in making a booking.

Seeing is believing
Video walkthroughs provide a clear, honest representation of the RV, ensuring guests know exactly what to expect when renting your RV, which makes them even better than pictures of the RV.

Save Time and Effort
By offering a virtual walkthrough, hosts can save time on in-person showings, and guests can make informed decisions without needing multiple visits. This convenience is especially valuable for guests considering RVs in different locations or planning their trips from long distances.

   How to take your video walkthrough and add it to your listing                      

  1. Watch the video(s) above and download the style guide.
  2. Take your walkthrough video using your mobile device.
  3. Login to your RVezy Account.
  4. Go to your dashboard and go to the "tips and resources" section.
  5. Access this blog post and click "submit video walkthrough" and our team will take care of the rest.
  6. Once we have reviewed, enhanced, and uploaded your video to your listing, we will notify you that it's LIVE.
  7. Complete your video walkthrough before July 1st, 2024 & Enter to win a Jackery portable power station for your RV.

Add Video Submission

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