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RVezy Payout Guarantee: Is It for Me?

Posted on March 16, 2023
RVezy Payout Guarantee: Is It for Me?

Unfortunately, accidents happen.

The good news is that when you rent your RV through RVezy, you have access to best-in-class rental insurance on every trip.

This means your RV is protected when incidents happen.

However, your rental income is at risk if your RV gets damaged.

When an accident occurs during a trip, hosts will not receive payment for the days when the RV is unusable. Also, if there are any upcoming bookings and the RV is not in working order, the bookings may need to be canceled, and the rental income is lost.

With RVezy's payout guarantee, you can eliminate the risk of not receiving rental income because of an accident making your RV unusable.

In this article, we explain how payout guarantee works and use some easy-to-follow examples to help you determine if or when it’s right for you.

What is payout guarantee?

Payout guarantee is a paid feature that you (as a host) can add to all or selected bookings to protect your rental income.

How does payout guarantee work?

In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim for damage from an RVezy rental, you will receive compensation for lost income according to the terms and conditions of payout guarantee.

Payout guarantee covers you for both interrupted trips and trips that need to be canceled.

The following conditions must be met to receive compensation for lost income:

  • Damages must occur during an RV rental trip booked through RVezy.
  • Trip interruptions and/or cancellations must be due to the RV being undrivable, untowable, or unsafe to operate due to an accident.
  • The insurance claim submitted must be approved by RVezy’s insurance providers.
  • Payouts will only be made for bookings where payout guarantee was added before damages occurred.
  • Payouts will only be made for bookings that start within 90 days of the trip where the damages occurred.
Note: Hosts with payout guarantee can receive compensation for up to $5,000 in lost income per approved claim and up to $10,000 per year if multiple approved claims are made within the same calendar year.

Examples of payout guarantee

Payout guarantee for an interrupted trip

A guest booked your RV for 9 nights. The total booking value for the trip is $1,800. While driving on the fourth day, a rock hit the RV’s windshield, causing a crack big enough that the RV would be unsafe to drive. After mechanical evaluation, the required replacement windshield won’t be available before the end of the trip.

In this example, the payout guarantee benefit would be $780.

*Payout guarantee fee represents 10% of booking value. **Based on a 20% host service fee.

Your insurance coverage is not affected by whether you have guaranteed your payout or not. Learn more about RV rental insurance.

Payout guarantee for canceled upcoming trips

Your RV has 5 upcoming bookings spread out over 45 days. Each trip is 7 nights, with an individual trip value of $1,000 — making your total booking value for the 5 trips $5,000. You've added payout guarantee to all 5 bookings. While delivering your trailer for your first booking, a tire blowout damages the axle and requires a replacement. Because of back-ordered parts, your RV won’t be towable for two months.

In this example, the payout guarantee benefit would be $3,500.

*Payout guarantee fee represents 10% of booking value. **Based on a 20% host service fee.

Payout guarantee for an interrupted trip with canceled upcoming trips

Your RV has back-to-back bookings for 10 nights each. Each booking has a value of $2,000 for a total of $4,000. You've added payout guarantee to both bookings. On day 6 of the first trip, a storm causes a tree to fall on the RV, allowing water to leak through the roof. The repairs to the roof take 2 weeks to complete.

In this example, the payout guarantee benefit would be $2,000.

*Payout guarantee fee represents 10% of booking value. **Based on a 20% host service fee.

Is payout guarantee for you?

Payout guarantee provides you with peace of mind knowing that your rental income is protected if something happens. As illustrated by the examples above, it’s easy to see how quickly payout guarantee can pay for itself when an incident occurs.

In order to help you determine if payout guarantee is for you, here are some scenarios where you should consider adding payout guarantee to your bookings:

  • You typically book long, high-value trips that you don’t want to be interrupted.
  • You have multiple bookings close together that could be affected by a claim.
  • You have a high percentage of bookings where guests are driving or towing your RV.
  • You’ve had to cancel bookings in the past and don’t want to miss out on rental income again.
  • You rely on your RVezy rental income to pay for your RV.

How payout guarantee can get you more bookings

At RVezy, we know how important it is to make sure you’re properly screening the guests renting your RV. However, there are scenarios where you’re on the fence about accepting a booking because a guest doesn’t have much experience with your RV type.

With RVezy insurance and payout guarantee, you can confidently accept bookings knowing that your RV and rental income are protected. Accepting just one extra booking can more than cover the payout guarantee fees for an entire season.

RVezy uses advanced technology to screen every guest who books your RV to ensure you can confidently accept bookings. Learn more about our trust and safety procedures.

How to add payout guarantee

As a host, you can add payout guarantee to all or select bookings.

Add payout guarantee to all bookings

  • Go to the “edit listing” page for the RV you want to guarantee your payouts.
  • Click on “earn more” from the menu.
  • Toggle on payout guarantee.

Important: By toggling on payout guarantee, every new booking you receive will automatically have payout guarantee added to the booking details. You won’t have to add payout guarantee after accepting the booking. All existing bookings will not be affected by the toggle setting. Once a booking has payout guarantee added, you cannot remove it.

Add payout guarantee to an individual booking

  • Click on a booking from your “bookings” tab
  • Click on “guarantee your payout” under the “manage booking” section.
  • Click “add payout guarantee” from the pop-up that appears.

Important: Once a booking has payout guarantee added, you cannot remove it.

Looking for something else?

For more information about payout guarantee or any other RVezy feature or policy, please visit our help center or contact us if you have questions.

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