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Understanding Instant Book

Posted on April 16, 2024

Understanding Instant Book

Instant Book allows guests to instantly book your RV for available dates so you don't need to review and accept each booking request. Guests like the option to use Instant Book and many hosts report that they earn more using this tool.  

Keeping your calendar up-to-date is the key to using Instant Book successfully. If your calendar is out-of-date, you could get surprised by unexpected bookings or cancel a booking due to a scheduling error, which could result in a cancellation fee.

Tools for Success

Some hosts may initially feel hesitant to use Instant Book because they want to have additional information about potential guests before booking, which is why we have designed a suite of tools to help:  

RV rules & preferences: Before guests can use Instant Book, they must review and agree to your booking preferences and RV rules. If a guest does not meet those requirements, they'll be unable to book your RV instantly.

Calendar sync: You can sync your RVezy calendar with other peer-to-peer RV rental calendars such as Outdoorsy and RVshare — meaning you can track all rentals with RVezy's calendar and have your calendar always up-to-date.

Pre-booking message (coming May 2024): Hosts using Instant Book can provide a pre-booking message. This requires guests to read and respond to the message before they confirm their reservations.

Reliability is key for using Instant Book

Whether or not you choose to use Instant Book is entirely up to you, but remember that reliability is an essential part of being a great host. Be mindful of RVezy's Host cancellation policies and avoid canceling whenever possible.

That said, if you use Instant Book and you're uncomfortable with a reservation once it's been made (for instance, your guests are asking to break your RV rules) you can cancel within 24 hours without penalty using the cancellation tool.

Keep in mind, that invalid cancellation reasons such as calendar availability, and scheduling-related cancellations are never penalty-free. If you happen to cancel a reservation that signals Instant Book may not be a good fit for you right now, RVezy may send you normal booking requests moving forward.

Why you might still get booking requests?

Even with Instant Book turned on, there are instances where you might still receive a booking request from guests. This could happen if you haven't updated your calendar in a while, or recently canceled an Instant Book reservation.

If a guest tries to instantly book your RV for delivery, a festival/event or if the request is less than 3 days away from the start date, you will receive a normal booking request instead. For any request that does come through, you'll need to respond by accepting or declining the reservation or messaging the prospective guest within 48 hours of the initial message.

Is Instant Book available to you?

Reliability is key to being a great host, especially when using Instant Book, as accurate calendar availability is very important to avoid unexpected cancellations.

Therefore, Instant Book is available to hosts who have achieved Superhost status. However, It may also be available for hosts who are already on their way to achieving Superhost status, and have consistently maintained an acceptance rate of 75% or higher, a response rate of 90% or above and have at least one confirmed booking the last calendar year.  

Turn on Instant Book


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