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Charlie Brown
Calgary, Alberta
7 Reviews
Halima N. Sep 2019

Ryan was really helpful and really supportive ! Charlie Brown was a nice experience to visit the Rockies ! It is easy to drive has it is not too big. Only point, if you are too tall, it is not going to be the best for you. Great experience for us !

Luca S. Sep 2019

Perfect Van for our 8 days trip. Did not have any issues at all, the van was super clean when it was given to us and Ryan was there to show us everything we had to know. The Van brought us all the way from Banff to Yoho and Jasper.

Melissa G. Sep 2019

WoW!! Charlie Brown is just the perfect van for your trip! Confortable, easy to drive and surprisingly economic, the van allows you to slowly travel around the beautiful Rockies. Delivery was so easy, communication with the owner was quick and easy and the owner has accommodate us more than what we expected! Charlie Brown accommodate easily 2 adults, the van is quite clean and very affordable! We would recommand Charlie Brown to anyone!!

Corrie K. Sep 2019

Charlie was an excellent get away from the city van. Bed was a little small but it is a travel van. Had everything we needed b

Antony P. Jul 2019

Charlie Brown was the perfect van for our trip. So cozy, useful and well maintained. I’ll recommend Charlie to everyone looking to discover the Rockies :)

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