Roadhab R.

Mississauga, Ontario

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Mississauga, Ontario • RV Cottage
Roadhab 2 Camper Van - Rugged on the outside, rustic on the inside!
Sleeps 2
Missisauga, Ontario • RV Cottage
Roadhab Camper Van : Rugged on the Outside, Rustic on the Inside
Sleeps 2
15 Reviews
Shan N. Sep 2020

This campervan is AMAZING and a must try for anyone looking for some adventure.

Irfan P. Sep 2020

Had a perfect trip. The van had everything we needed.

Maggie C. Sep 2020

We had an awesome time with Roadhab! Jason went over everything with us before leaving, and we had literally no issues with the van and had it for 2 weeks. The best things about it were: pretty easy to drive when you get the hang, literally no mechanical issues and we drove over 8000 km, and everyyyyything we needed to cook on the road was included. My only qualms: the regular outdoor shower wasn't working and we actually never used the replacement because it was kind of inconvenient for how much we moved around, and we are about 5'7 and couldn't stretch completely flat out on the bed. But all around an awesome rental for us and our first time 'van-life' cross-country road trip!

Sagar J. Aug 2020

An amazing van that runs really well and an understanding, considerate and responsive host. Everything you could imagine you need is included and it was one of the most fun trips I’ve taken!!

bradley v. Aug 2020

Had a fantastic week with the van. Everything went smoothly and it was a joy to have. Jason was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire experience.

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