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Coachmen - Freelander 3100SO
Ottawa, Ontario
16 Reviews
Skander S. Sep 2019

We had an awesome experience with Randy and his Freelander! Randy was available for support when we needed to and is very experienced with his RV. Check-in and out process were very clear and pretty fast. 10/10, would book again! Thanks Randy!

Mark B. Jul 2019

We had a fabulous vacation in this fun RV... 2 adults, 2 children (9&11) fit very well. The RV could haul itself up and down the high hills of the Gaspé peninsula. A/C, shower, fridge, stove- everything worked well, with lots of storage and it came well equipped. The one thing we were surprised by was how loud it was- lots of bangs and rattles on the bumpy roads- we wrapped everything in towels and cardboard and that seemed to help a bit. For those who are thinking of renting and wondering about cost, for 3100km of travel, it cost us approx $1100 in gas and $13 in propane. Thanks again Randy. We loved our trip in your RV!

Kelly K. Sep 2018

Charges mentioned ($50. for fuel and $20. fee) were discussed and are accurate. Thoroughly cleaned the interior (from previous renter usages as well). Had ask, upon pick up, as to suggestion of near by truck/rv wash bays but received no suggestion from owner therefore we did what we felt was a sufficient spot wash of exterior. The initial orientation and run through of rv operations and expectancies was so rushed through, made it very difficult to retain most information. Due to this an over sight on our part, on return time of noon. Unaware that a Sunday return left us with no commercial outlet for propane top up. Appologized for these incidentals. The hot water situation was an imposition to us but didn't see how contacting about it, while hundreds of miles away, would have been of any benefit. Managed to boil water as needed and use shower facilities at campgrounds we were booked in at. Thank you.

Rene v. Aug 2018

The Coachmen Freelander is very spacious, and has all the comfort you could wish for. It has a powerful engine so it can be used on hilly roads without difficulties. Despite the length, it drives easy and you get quickly used to taking corners a bit wider. The owner Randy is very friendly and helpful with explanation and showing on how everything works inside and outside the RV. I can recommend this RV absolutely.

Justin B. Jul 2018

Randy provided nothing but top notch help and service with this rv rental. Not only are many amenities included that make for a very convenient trip, his walk around helped out us at ease with the functionality of the rv. We even had a few questions while on the trip and got prompt responses and was able to help from afar. Not sure you can get a better guy to rent from. We’ll be back and recommend to friends and family.

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