Iqaluit is located near beautiful parklands that feature a range of landscapes, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and ancient Thule sites to visit.

This exciting, dynamic city is the political, business, journalism and transportation hub of Nunavut, with an excellent airport. The landing strip is long enough to land the space shuttle, so it is often used for cold weather testing of the world’s largest new aircraft.

Formerly known as Frobisher Bay, the modern city of Iqaluit is rich with traditional Inuit culture. It is the home of many Inuit artists, filmmakers and musicians, plus there are arts and culture festivals staged in the spring and summer that bring artists here from across the territory.

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Local Iqaluit Attractions

Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park

Just minutes away from Iqaluit, this incredible park covers the primordial tundra valley, icy rivers, and stunning waterfalls that make up the True North. It's the destination for real explorers who dream of catching rare finds like the arctic char, spotting unique fauna like the woodsia fern, or simply chasing after the aurora borealis in all of its glory. The park also has incredible archeological draws, including artifacts and sites used by the Dorset and Thule peoples. You'll be able to see arctic foxes and hares, caribou, and dozens of species of birds. It's always worth keeping in mind that camping this far north is always considered wilderness camping, so plan accordingly.

Qaummaarviit Territorial Park

Qaummaarviit is a real must-see, and not just for those who love archeology and human history. The Island's name means "the place that shines", and experts now believe the Thule peoples frequented this island off Peterhead Inlet for its incredible biodiversity. You can see a small village of 11 semi-buried houses dating back thousands of years, and have an idea of what life was like for the original inhabitants of the Island. The park is filled with interesting and revealing archeological and historic sites with guidance, where you can really dive into the past.

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