Van Gogh- Dodge Promaster Class B

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  • Motorhome
  • Sleeps 2
  • 20 ft
Phoenixville, PA
Van Gogh- Dodge Promaster Class B in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Van Gogh- Dodge Promaster Class B in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Van Gogh- Dodge Promaster Class B in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Pet friendly
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2019 Dodge Promaster

#VanLife? Let Vanvibes take care of you! This Stunning Build was designed by the co-founders of Van Vibes. Genius John was your craftsman on this build. We took the longest available Van with the most amount of headroom to ensure you had the most available space and named it Van Gogh. John chose to call him Van Gogh on account of the artistry that filled his veins on the cold Philadelphia mornings. I'm sure the next one will have coffee in the name as I believe that may also be in John's veins. Van Gogh is a new 2019 Professionally built Dodge Ram Promaster 2500 Class B Campervan with a ton of upgrades...this thing is "ON FIRE" Van Gogh Highlights include: - Standing shower - with extending showerhead so you can either take a hot outdoor shower or shower off fido. - Cassette flush toilet - Kitchen farm-style sink - Stovetop - Fridge/Freezer - Massive 600 watts of Solar - Hot/Coldwater - Living Room with Coffee Table by Day, Bed that sleeps 2 by night - Dog Friendly - Lots of drawer space - Feeling frisky? Use the Outdoor shower option - Feeling Sophisticated? - Opt for an indoor shower The biggest wow factor about this van is the full-standing custom shower w/ a cassette toilet. This means luxury and convenience. There is a Bosch hot water heater. This build has an upgraded solar package. Everything in the van has very low power consumption. You'll be able to hook up all your toys and electronics. This van can hold 30 gallons of water so if you are using it sparingly, it can last 4-5 days and is easy to refill. There's already a cooler fridge that is plugged into the solar no need for you to bring a cooler! Well, maybe one for ice chips for those cocktails. Your comfort is important to us so we spared no expense and got you a Tuft and Needle Mattress. Previous renters say the mattress is super comfy. This folks' IS camping luxury! This Van is the perfect choice for those who want something easily accessible on the road along with the comforts of home. You can park it anywhere! The Promaster drives very easily- even if it'll be your first time, you'll feel comfortable in no time. This van was built with adventures in mind. We maxed out all the space inside. PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing the delivery option, the delivery fee covers delivery of the vehicle to your chosen location, the gas to get there, tolls we may encounter along the way, and us finding our own way back. It does not include us picking up the vehicle at the end of your trip. If you wish to have us pick us the RV at the end of the trip please let us know so we can send you an invoice for that. The invoice will be the same amount as the delivery fee. Looking for a 1-night or a 2-night Trip? See our rates! 1 night rental = $750 plus cleaning fee and insurance 2 night rental = $275 per night plus cleaning fee and insurance A word about the colder weather. From November 15th until warmer weather returns to us. When you receive the RV it will be winterized - meaning the water will be removed from the coach - this will prevent burst water lines, etc during freezing temperatures. If the RV is unattended, meaning heat is not pumping through the RV or tank heaters (if equipped) are not in operation then you should never have water in the RV because you don't want to have an issue with burst pipes. If you are living/traveling in the RV and have warmth in the RV 24/7 then you can fill the RV with water. To do this, just follow the videos we have sent you on how to fill your RV with water. TIP: Once you introduce water, and if you are in a colder climate, please put your tank heaters on (if equipped) and ensure that you run heat through the RV 24/7 at a minimum of 40 degrees (even if you are not occupying the RV) As you introduce water to the RV for the first time, the faucets, etc will 'splutter" until a steady stream of water comes out. When you return the RV back to us, we will winterize it (remove all the water from the system for you) Winterizing your RV’s plumbing is incredibly important, especially if your RV will spend any time at all stored/unoccupied in sub-freezing temperatures over the winter months. Frozen water lines can quickly lead to burst water pipes, a broken water pump, and a devastating amount of damage to the RV itself. Proper RV winterizing of your plumbing system is something almost all RVers need to know how to do at one point or another. PLEASE NOTE: Due to sub freezing temps in our immediate area and to the north of us we will not be permitting any rental unless you are heading to warmer climates. Please contact us for more details letting us know where you are heading prior to making a reservation. This decision will only stay in place until warmer temperatures return to our immediate area. The Preparation fee is not a cleaning fee. To avoid an additional cleaning fee at the end of your adventure please return the RV in the same condition as received. **Flat Fee of $525.00 for any delivery or pick up in New York. For deliveries to Sporting events and Festivals we will need to meet the renter close by so that they can drive into the event. Or the renter can opt to pay an additional fee of $300 for each event to cover “waiting time”
20 ft
Type of RV
Class B


8% discount
8% discount
Security Deposit
Fully refundable
125mi/day free
$0.60/mi extra

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What this RV offers

USB input
Kitchen sink
Dining table
Outside shower
Pet friendly
CD player
Backup camera
Air conditioner
Tow hitch
Full-Winter rental available
Aux input
Stove range
Inside shower
Linens provided
GPS available
Extra storage
Parking spot for your car


Bike Rack: $70
Portable BBQ: $70
Wifi: $15 / Night
Airport Pickup - PHL: $150
Fuel Refill Prepayment: $90
Emptying Septic Prepayment: $150
Preparation Fee: We do not charge a cleaning fee as most of our renters prefer to do that themselves and avoid the fee, however, at the end of your adventure should we need to return the RV back to the condition you received it in then we reserve the right to charge an additional cleaning fee. : $95

RV rules

Pickup from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PMDrop-off from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
No festivals or events

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5.0(2 reviews)
Mike J. Jul 2022
As Van Life newbies this was an excellent experience with Van Gogh. The You Tube videos were super helpful and Steve was so quick to answer our questions. We had a blast and highly recommend!
Tina M. Nov 2021
We had a great time. We actually ended up going South instead of North. We are by the Chesapeake. Saw the beaches in Cape May NJ. Saw the wild horse and the bay and ocean at Assateague Island. Time together and away was priceless. Thank you

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