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Boots & Hearts Checklist (Things To Bring On Your RV Festival Camping Trip)

Posted on November 7, 2019
Boots & Hearts Checklist (Things To Bring On Your RV Festival Camping Trip)

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Boots & Hearts, the ultimate country music festival for Canadians, is happening again this year! This time around, the festival will take place in Oro-Medonte near Barrie, Ontario and it is the perfect opportunity to make use of your RV, or rent one for the occasion.

Packing for a music festival can be a big task, however, it is a lot easier when you have the amount of storage space that an RV offers. Things like deodorant, sunscreen, and a cowboy hat are obvious essentials, but there are some other items you may forget that will truly save you. If you’re heading out to Boots & Hearts this summer, don’t forget to pack these things for the trip!

Camping Chairs

Although there are plenty of seats in an RV, you’ll want to spend some time outside in the sun! Camping chairs are great so you can sit outside comfortably with friends while drinking, eating, or even just relaxing.

Portable Phone Charger

This is definitely an essential! A portable battery charger will save your life in a crisis. Sometimes you’re so busy recording the bands that you don’t even realize your battery is at 5%. Keeping this in your bag or just with you in general will really help you and everyone you’re with.

Water Bottles

The heat at music festivals is no joke. Since you’re dancing, walking around, drinking, and partying, you really need to make sure to drink water so you’re not dehydrated! Keeping water bottles in your RV will help to remind you to drink a glass of water every time you have an alcoholic drink. This will help with any symptoms you get from being outside for a long time.


It gets dark at night, and if you’re partying at someone else’s campsite, you’ll want to make it back to yours pretty fast. Although most phones now have a flashlight feature, it’s best to get one that is LED and super bright. This works for emergencies or just trying to make it from one campsite to the next at night.

Portable BBQ

Depending on the size of your RV, you may or may not have a stove or an oven. However, either way, it’s great to have a portable barbecue that you can grill on while hanging out outside. This will also be better for faster cleanup if you’re in a rush.

Insect Repellent

This is probably one of the most important things you’ll need. If you don’t want a ton of bug bites, which I’m pretty positive no one does, then bringing bug spray will save your life. You should pack a few bottles just in case, as they could get in to your RV as well.


During music festivals, there is a ton of dirt flying around and it can get hard to breathe. This doesn’t happen everywhere, but it definitely can and it’s better to be prepared! Bandanas are a great fashion piece for music festivals anyway, so you’ll look cool no matter what.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is really important as you never know when someone will get hurt. Keeping this on your RV will keep your mind at ease that you will be prepared for anything. Although music festivals have tents where you can go if you’re hurt, if it’s minor, you can just do it yourself.


As I mentioned before, music festivals can get extremely hot. You’re out in a field where there is hardly any shade, so when you get back to your RV, you’ll definitely want to cool down. You can plug in a fan, or you can get a battery operated one that will work no matter what.

Pop-up Canopy Tent

Although you have your RV if you want a little shade, sometimes people just don’t enjoy being out in the sun at all. Bringing a pop-up canopy tent with you is a great idea if you have a lot of people, or even if you just want to eat under it. This is a great idea if you’re playing fun games and want to be outside but also in the shade.

Bluetooth Speaker

Although you’ll be hearing music all weekend, you can never get sick of it! A Bluetooth speaker is great for the times you’re playing games, eating dinner, or even just getting ready for the festival.

Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes work for more than just taking off makeup! If you’re super sweaty from the day and are too tired to take a full shower, makeup wipes can save you. Of course, I don’t recommend replacing a shower with this, but if that’s the best you can do, it will really help you feel cleaner than before.

Hydration Packs

If you’ve never heard of a hydration pack before, then this will change your life if you’re an avid festival goer. A hydration pack is basically a backpack that has a built in water bottle or a bag that has a straw that you can drink from at any time. You can also put other things in there, so it’s basically a multi functioning backpack that will save you from dehydration.

Table and Ping Pong Balls

Who doesn’t love to play beer pong?! It is a great way to pass the time if you’re waiting to see a certain artist. You can easily find foldable tables that will fit perfectly in storage on your RV and it won’t take up much room.

Plastic Dishes and Utensils

The last thing you want to do on your trip to Boots and Hearts is waste time washing dishes. Buying plastic dishes and utensils will help save you time so you can just eat and go!

Aloe Vera

Sunscreen is a must when you’re going to a music festival. However, if you’re someone who burns easily or if you forget to put on sunscreen, aloe vera is great for healing sunburns. It has a great cooling affect that will soothe the sunburn as well.


Whether it’s from a hangover or too much sun, Advil is a saving grace. You don’t want to miss out on one of the concerts because of a headache, so bringing Advil on the trip will help you stay up for anything!

Pots and Pans

Of course where there’s cooking, you need pots and pans. You can totally just go with things like sandwiches the whole time, but if you want to feel your best, having full on meals will help you with hangovers and not going overboard. Pots and pans are essential, and they’ll go great with the BBQ you have as well.


If you really want to sleep at night, this may be the best idea. There are some people who choose to party all throughout the night and if you’re not like that, earplugs will be your best friend. You can find these for cheap and they’ll allow you to have the best sleep ever, especially after being in the sun all day.

Cowboy Boots

If you’re going to a country music festival, then you totally need cowboy boots! Pair it with a cowboy hat and you’ll look the part. Cowboy boots can be paired with any outfit and they’re pretty comfortable for the most part! This is a fashion essential that everyone needs to pack on their RV.

Of course these items aren’t the only things you should bring, but they will help you have a fun and safe time! Boots & Hearts Music Festival is on from August 9th to August 12th which is in the middle of summer, which means it will be very hot. Make sure to take some of these items into account if you want to stay your healthiest self so you’ll be able to enjoy the music festival to the best of your ability!

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