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The Only Guide You Need To Saskatchewan Provincial Parks

Posted on October 25, 2019

The Only Guide You Need To Saskatchewan Provincial Parks

It’s finally summer and you’re finally wondering where you can go on a vacation this year. You’ve been itching to take your RV out of storage and back onto the road, I’m with you! You may also be looking for a completely different trip this year. And if that’s correct, this is the article for you.

Touristy parts of Canada include provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. But all of Canada is beautiful in a unique way! When you think of Saskatchewan, you may think it’s all flat land. But that’s the unique beauty of it.

Picking a spot to camp in Saskatchewan won’t bring you mountain views like Alberta, but it will bring you views of lakes, forests, valleys, and hills. It will be like no other camping trip you and your family have ever taken! These Provincial Parks in Saskatchewan will really amaze you.

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park


Best time to visit: Greenwater Lake Provincial Park is open all year round, but you’ll want to camp there before the birds fly south for the winter. Not only does Greenwater Lake Provincial Park have a ton of camping options, and even a full RV park, but the wildlife and bird sightings there are unlike any other. To avoid missing these great opportunities, visit during prime camping season.

RV hookups available: Yes, there are electrical hookups, as well as a full RV park.

Things you must do at Greenwater Lake Provincial Park: If you love swimming, then book your trip ASAP. The park has amazing places to swim, and you can also fish. Greenwater Lake Provincial Park has plenty of trails to keep you and your family or friends moving throughout your whole trip. Try out Marean Lake Birding Interpretive Trail while you’re there; it has over 200 species of birds that are flying around the trail.

Tips: Campsites in Greenwater Lake Provincial Park book up fast, with group bookings scheduled for two summers in advance. You can find more information on Greenwater RV Park here.

How to book: Online here.

Echo Valley Provincial Park


Best time to visit: Camping at Echo Valley Provincial Park is only available from May 11th to Labour Day, so definitely plan your trip now. Or maybe two trips! While a lot of Saskatchewan is flat, you’ll completely forget about that at Echo Valley Provincial Park. You’ll love feeling the summer heat here, BBQing, swimming at the beach, and more!

RV hookups available: Yes, most campgrounds in Echo Valley Provincial Park have RV hookups available.

Things you must do at Echo Valley Provincial Park: You and your family and friends will love the beaches at Echo Valley. If you’re lucky enough to have a boat, the park also has two boat launches. It’s the perfect chance to go fishing, also! Echo Valley Provincial Park has a mini-golf course, so this is a great activity if you’re looking to pass the time.

Tips: Try to book as far in advance as possible as this is a popular camping site in Saskatchewan.

How to book: Online here.

Moose Mountain Provincial Park


Best time to visit: Camping is available at Moose Mountain Provincial Park from the May long weekend to September 30th, which is prime camping season! During the summer, they have RV sites so you and your family can enjoy your RV as much as possible. Moose Mountain Provincial Park was one of the provinces first Provincial Parks, which makes it super unique and really interesting to camp at.

RV hookups available: Yes! In the summer, they have campsites dedicated to RVs.

Things you must do at Moose Mountain Provincial Park: If you and your family love hiking, then you’ve just scored a great park to camp at. You can enjoy these trails alone, or you can have someone from the park guide you through everything you need to see. And if you love playing spots, there are tennis courts and a basketball hoop located at the campsite as well.

Tips: Book as soon as possible.

How to book: Online here.

Pike Lake Provincial Park


Best time to visit: Pike Lake Provincial Park is open from May long weekend to Labour Day, and if you have kids, this is the best Provincial Park to take them to. Not only is the beach amazing, but they have a pool with a huge waterslide! Pike Lake is only 20 minutes outside of Saskatoon, so you can visit the city as well. The pool is open from June to Labour Day as well.

RV hookups available: Yes, they have pull through RV sites.

Things you must do at Pike Lake Provincial Park: The pool and waterslide needs to be on your Pike Lake bucket list. They also have playgrounds, volleyball and tennis courts, as well as trails that will make you fall in love with the park. Did I mention the pool is heated?

Tips: Since families come from all around to swim at this pool, you’ll definitely want to book ahead of time to make sure you can get an RV site as well as be able to try out the waterslide.

How to book: Online here.

Narrow Hills Provincial Park


Best time to visit: Narrow Hills Provincial Park is open from May long weekend to Labour Day, and it’s truly a fisherman’s dream to camp here. If you, your family, or your friends love to fish, then bring them here for a surprise. There are so many species of fish here that your fishing trip will be amazing. Narrow Hills Provincial Park has more than 25 bodies of water, so for anyone who loves to swim, you’ll enjoy this park!

RV hookups available: Yes, they have pull through RV sites.

Things you must do at Narrow Hills Provincial Park: You must fish, that’s for sure! There are great trains, amazing beaches, and you can even rent a boat on your trip. Don’t want to cook hamburgers and hotdogs again? No worries, there is a restaurant on site that will provide delicious food for you!

Tips: This park truly has everything you’d ever need and more, which is an even better reason to book right now.

How to book: Online here.

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