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The Only Guide You Need To Newfoundland & Labrador Parks

Posted on September 29, 2019
The Only Guide You Need To Newfoundland & Labrador Parks

So you’re finally on your way to the east coast and you want to visit each province. What’s easiest about the east coast is how small the provinces are, and how close together they are. Whether you want to spend a couple of weeks on the road or a couple of months, it’s plenty of time!

Newfoundland and Labrador is a beautiful province that is often forgotten about. They have one of the most breathtaking national parks in Canada, which is one you must check out while you’re there. Besides the views that will make you never want to leave, they have crazy foods there that you’ll definitely want to try. Ever heard of Jiggs’ Dinner? Me neither.

Destinations in Newfoundland range anywhere from family friendly campgrounds to campgrounds so popular, it may be hard to get in. But no matter what, each one is worth it.

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Terra Nova National Park

Best time to visit: Terra Nova National Parks is one you need to put on your bucket list. Not only is it a great place to take your family during the summer, but at night, you’ll be able to see the sky like never before. Terra Nova National Park is open from Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving Day weekend. That’s a long stretch, which means you have no excuses!

RV hookups available: Yes! Newman Sound Campground and Malady Head Campground both have RV hookups.

Things you must do at Terra Nova National Park: Terra Nova National Park has 12 hiking trails, so if that’s your favourite pastime, you’re in for a treat. The park also offers boat tours where you can see wildlife, icebergs, sea caves, and more! Don’t forget to look up at the sky when you’re roasting marshmallows at night.

Tips: These campsites book up fast. Bookings open in January.

How to book: Online here.

dildo park

Dildo Run Provincial Park

Best time to visit: Dildo Run Provincial Park is open from mid-spring to mid-September and they have plenty of campsites for everyone you’re taking along on your trip. This provincial park actually has five stars and people who have camped there say you must stop by the nearest town called Twillingate!

RV hookups available: No, but RVs are welcome.

Things you must do at Dildo Run Provincial Park: There are only a couple of hiking trails in this provincial park, however, there is a newly constructed one that takes you to a lookout where you can see a ton of the 365 islands in Dildo Run! Bring along a kayak or canoe and float along the clear waters. If you’re feeling adventurous, drive 20 km out of the park and into Twillingate, where at a place called The Cozy Tea Room & Bakery you can find Newfoundlands greatest dish called Jiggs’ Dinner.

Tips: There are 55 campsites but they book fast, considering everyone loves it here. Book as soon as the park opens.

How to book: Online here.


Gros Morne National Park

Best time to visit: There are 5 campgrounds at Gros Morne National Park, but only one of them is open year round. The other 4 vary, with openings starting on May 31st and closing on September 30th. If you didn’t make it this summer to Gros Morne, no worries! Fall and winter are still great times to go camping, especially in your RV. Green Point is the only campsite open all year round.

RV hookups available: Yes!

Things you must do at Gros Morne National Park: I think the best question is, what can’t you do at this park? Gros Morne is so big, that you probably won’t be able to do everything on your bucket list! Of course the most popular thing to do there is hike, have you seen those views? There are also multiple beaches, you can golf, and there are a few great restaurants just a short drive out of the park.

Tips: Book ASAP as this is Newfoundland's most popular park.

How to book: Online here.


Notre Dame Provincial Park

Best time to visit: If you’re someone who loves to camp all year round, even when it’s -20 outside, then Notre Dame Provincial Park will be your favourite destination. The entire park is open all year, and the 100 campgrounds they offer are RV friendly. Could it get any better?!

RV hookups: Yes!

Things you must do at Notre Dame Provincial Park: If you’re going to the park in the summer, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a beach that is super close to all the campgrounds. However, you may want to bring water shoes, as the beach is filled with rocks. In the winter, you can even ski! You basically get the best of both worlds with this park.

Tips: Since it’s open all year round, the park fills up very quickly. You don’t have to make a reservation, but it would be smart to.

How to book: Online here.


Pinware River Provincial Park

Best time to visit: Pinware River Provincial Park is the perfect spot if you’re looking to lay low in the summer. It has 22 campsites, and is open from early June to mid-September. Maybe you’re looking to go alone or just with your immediate family, and this spot couldn’t be better for that. There is also a beach with the softest sand for your lazy days on vacation.

RV hookups: No, but RVs are welcome.

Things you must do at Pinware River Provincial Park: This is a great spot for people who love to fish, as a lot of salmon and trout are in the water at this park. The park also has a short and sweet trail that takes you to a viewpoint where you can see the rest of Pinware. If you’re looking for a town near Pinware River Provincial Park, the nearest town is Pinware, which has a population of 88 people.

Tips: Bookings for this park start in April of every year. Make sure to book ASAP.

How to book: Online here.

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