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The Only Guide You Need To Ontario Provincial Parks

Posted on October 28, 2019

The Only Guide You Need To Ontario Provincial Parks

Most people are familiar with Ontario because of cities like Toronto and Ottawa. But once you get out of those cities, you’ll realize that Ontario has so much more to offer. Especially for people who love RVs, camping, and everything to do with nature!

Ontario has so many Provincial Parks, that it’s actually hard to choose between them all. No matter where you go, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous water, fun groups of people, hiking trails, and so much more. Ontario Provincial Parks are the perfect place to get in your last few camping trips before summer ends.

If you’re looking for last minute trips inside your province or a quick road trip away, we’ve got you covered!


Algonquin Provincial Park

Best time to visit: Algonquin Provincial Park is absolutely huge. There are 8 campgrounds throughout the whole park, with most of them opening between May and June and most of them closing between September and October. The ideal time to visit Algonquin Provincial Park would definitely be between July and September, as that’s when Ontario experiences its best weather.

RV hookups available: Yes! Most of the campgrounds allow RVs.

Things you must do at Algonquin Provincial Park: With 14 hiking trails, multiple bike trails, excellent fishing, wildlife viewing, and more, you’ll never be bored at this park. Bring your canoe or kayak along and ride across the clear water. Algonquin Provincial Park is also known for their amazing swimming opportunities.

Tips: Because Algonquin Provincial Park is such a popular spot, last minute bookings may be difficult to obtain. Planning months in advance is advised.

How to book: Online here.


Bonnechere Provincial Park

Best time to visit: Bonnechere Provincial Park is a close drive from Ottawa, so it’s the perfect weekend trip! If you’re looking for a spot with great beaches, Bonnechere Provincial Park will do it for you. The park is open from May 17th to October 15th, with the best months being from August to October. You’ll be able to cool down from the heat in the clear waters, and take in everything that the park has to offer!

RV hookups available: Three campsites in Bonnechere offer RV hookups: River Loop, Sandy Flats, and Tall Pines.

Things you must do at Bonnechere Provincial Park: The most popular beach in the park is actually at Round Lake. They have picnic tables there, so you can make it a day trip with your family. There are two trails, with one of the trails leading off onto 10 little trails. If you’re into bird watching, there are almost 300 different species of birds around the park!

Tips: Just like Algonquin Provincial Park, Bonnechere books up fast. Make sure to book as soon as you plan your trip.

How to book: Online here.


Killarney Provincial Park

Best time to visit: Killarney Provincial Park is open all year round, but since you’re camping in your RV, it’s best to camp in the warmer months. Anytime between June and October is perfect for an amazing trip in this park. You’ll fall in love with the views from every single campground, and from the beaches as well.

RV hookups available: George Lake Campground is the campground where most RV owners or renters go in Killarney Provincial Park.

Things you must do at Killarney Provincial Park: If you’re an avid canoeist or kayaker, then Killarney Provincial Park will be your favourite place. They have deep but clear water, and so many trails that you’ll want to go on. Right off of George Lake Campground is a beach that you’ll want to spend all day on. Killarney Provincial Park also has hiking trails, but they’re very rocky and can be dangerous for beginners.

Tips: Reservations are only available between the months of April to Thanksgiving weekend.

How to book: Online here.


Sandbanks Provincial Park

Best time to visit: If you’ve lived in Ontario at some point in your life, then you’ve definitely been to Sandbanks Provincial Park. It’s a classic camping spot with incredible beaches. The park is open from the end of April until the end of October, but you’ll want to go during the months where you can experience the warm, sandy beaches. Anywhere from July to September will make you fall in love with Sandbanks Provincial Park.

RV hookups available: Most of the campgrounds at Sandbanks offer RV hookups.

Things you must do at Sandbanks Provincial Park: There is no doubt that you need to plan one day at Sandbanks to be on the beach. There are three beaches that you can check out, and none of them will disappoint. In addition to the beaches, Sandbanks also has three hiking trails that are all beginner friendly! Bring your bikes along, as Sandbanks is close to Prince Edward County.

Tips: Sandbanks is one of the most popular Provincial Parks in Ontario, especially during the summer months. Book ahead of time to guarantee a spot.

How to book: Online here.


Pinery Provincial Park

Best time to visit: Want to feel like you’re on vacation somewhere else while still in Ontario? Check out Pinery Provincial Park in the summer. This Provincial Park has 10 km of stunning sandy beaches that look like a dream. The park is actually open all year round, but in order to experience the beauty of the park in the summer, you’ll want to come between June and September!

RV hookups available: Riverside Campground and Dunes Campground both offer RV hookups.

Things you must do at Pinery Provincial Park: Besides swimming and laying on the beach for as long as you can, you can also get good use out of the water and go fishing! There are almost 50 species of fish swimming around in the water. They have 10 hiking trails, a 14 km biking trail, and many spots to canoe, kayak, or paddleboat.

Tips: Since Pinery Provincial Park is known for the beaches, it fills up fast. Book as soon as you plan your trip.

How to book: Online here.

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