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The Only Guide You Need To Quebec Provincial Parks

Posted on October 28, 2019
The Only Guide You Need To Quebec Provincial Parks

When you’re thinking about going on an RV camping trip, you may think about places such as Nova Scotia or BC. The views there are breathtaking, but other provinces shouldn’t be forgotten. Especially Quebec! Have you ever been to Mont Tremblant in the fall when the leaves are changing? It looks like a postcard.

That still goes for the summer as well. Quebec is often forgotten for it’s beauty, but once you go there, you’ll never forget. With clear water, greenery everywhere and a long list of activities to do, you won’t regret booking a trip to one of these national parks at all.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your RV trip now!


Mont Tremblant National Park

Best time to visit: While the park is open all year round, camping at Mont Tremblant National Park is only open from May to mid-October. Mont Tremblant National Park is one of Quebec’s most well-known parks, and it’s for a great reason. They have 887 camp sites in this park, and they’re divided up into different parts that offer so many different things. You won’t regret staying here for a few days or a couple of weeks!

RV hookups available: Savane-Ouest campsite and Sigouin campsite both have areas dedicated to RVs.

Things you must do at Mont Tremblant National Park: Whether you’re looking for a quick walk or a long, hard hike, Mont Tremblant National Park is exactly where you want to be. The view is incredible no matter where you are. Fishing and wildlife watching are two great activities to pass the time. If you’re looking for things to do that will break a sweat, you can bring your bike on one of the many bike trails, rent a pedal boat, go stand up paddle boarding or kayak along the water.

Tips: Skip the complications and book online. You can choose your preferred campsite, date, and everything else you need online.

How to book: Online here.


Forillon National Park

Best time to visit: Forillon National Park is open from the end of May until mid-October, but this is definitely the best time to see it anyways. The park is surrounded by water, so much so that you can walk to the edge of the cliff and take it all in. There are three campgrounds in the park, and each cater to different things you may want. Keep in mind that two of them allow RVs, but one is a tent only campground.

RV hookups available: Yes, but only 2 out of 3 campgrounds have hookups.

Things you must do at Forillon National Park: Since the park is surrounded by water, one thing you must do is check out the warm beaches that you’ll want to stay at all day. If you can’t make it to the beach, they also have pools available. If you’re looking for something unique to do, they actually have a whale watching cruise that you cannot miss!

Tips: Reservations are available starting in January. In order to secure your spot, it’s best you book as soon as they open.

How to book: Online here.


Bic National Park

Best time to visit: Bic National Park is open from mid-May to the end of October, but there is so much to see in between. Dispersed among the park, there are 185 campsites that you’ll love. They even have campsites for group camping, which is perfect if you’re RVing with a ton of friends and/or family.

RV hookups available: While there are no campsites dedicated to RVs, there are RV hookups available at various campsites.

Things you must do at Bic National Park: At Bic National Park, you can go sea kayaking on a guided tour and see a ton of marine life. As for hiking, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful the sites are. There are trails along the water, and some within the park.

Tips: There are only four campgrounds, and only one of them allows animals. Keep that in mind while booking.

How to book: Online here.


Grands-Jardins National Park

Best time to visit: From mid-May to October, Grands-Jardins National Park is open and they’ll be waiting for you and your RV with open arms. While only two of the four campgrounds have RV hookups, you’ll still find a ton of options that allow you to live your best RV life. At night in the summer, when you look up, the sky will look magical. It’s one of the best things about this national park!

RV hookups available: Only at two of the four sites.

Things you must do at Grands-Jardins National Park: If you’re an experienced rock climber, this national park will now be your favourite. And if you’re not, that’s totally fine too. Instead, you can go hiking, go stand up paddle boarding, or even go on guided adventure tours!

Tips: Booking for this park fills up fast. Make sure to book ASAP.

How to book: Online here.


Jacques-Cartier National Park

Best time to visit: Jacques-Cartier National Park opens early May, and closes mid-October. Not only does this park offer a lot of campgrounds, but additionally, they have a separate RV area that is only used for motorhomes! Whether you’re there by yourself or with family and friends, having this area for RVs only is such a treat.

RV hookups available: Yes!

Things you must do at Jacques-Cartier National Park: No matter where you are in the park, the hiking trails will lead you to stunning views. If you’re not a fan of hiking, you can kayak, mini-raft, or if you’re feeling lazy, you can rent tubes to float in the water! Now that sounds like a perfect summer activity.

Tips: Since there is an RV specifically for RVs, it does fill up fast. Book ASAP.

How to book: Online here.

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