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The Only Guide You Need To Yukon Provincial Parks

Posted on October 27, 2019

The Only Guide You Need To Yukon Provincial Parks

It’s not everyday that you get a chance to drive an RV up to the Yukon. While a lot of people come to Canada to visit cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, the Yukon is a place that you will never forget. Especially if you’re travelling from outside of Canada to come see everything it has to offer.

The Yukon has so much life and wonder. Its beauty is unlike any other, and for completely different reasons than the most popular cities in Canada. Are you looking to experience the midnight sun? The northern lights? The Yukon has it all for you.

While it may be harder to rent an RV in the Yukon, if you’re coming from out of the country or from a different part of Canada, renting an RV and driving it up is your best option. Not only will it allow you to see the Yukon but you’ll be able to see other parts of Canada in a different way. This is definitely a once in a lifetime trip, so get to planning!


Tombstone Territorial Park

Best time to visit: Tombstone Territorial Park is one of the Yukon's greatest parks. The views you get from each area of the park will make you feel like you’re nowhere in Canada. The park is open from late may to September, which are the perfect months to travel here since the weather will be on your side. If you’re coming from out of Canada, specifically Europe, the weather will max out at about 20 degrees, which is the perfect summer weather. But bundle up at night!

RV hookups available: Yes!

Things you must do at Tombstone Territorial Park: There are 16 hiking trails at Tombstone Territorial Park, which range from easy to very difficult. If you’re a lover of hiking, you may want to stay for a little while if you want to try out a lot of the hiking trails. Another activity you must do is relax at night, and look up at the sky for the northern lights. It will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and it’s one of the best parts of visiting this park.

Tips: While camping season is from may to September, there is off-season camping available where you can hike winter trails. Be warned it’s very cold.

How to book: Online here.

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Kluane National Park and Reserve

Best time to visit: If you’re looking for adventure, you’ll find it at Kluane National Park and Reserve. The park holds Canada’s highest peak, Mount Logan. While the park may be huge, there is only one campground on Kathleen Lake which is open from May 17th to September 22nd.

RV hookups available: Yes!

Things you must do at Kluane National Park and Reserve: This may be the best spot to see the northern lights. From September 20th to 21st, Kathleen Lake has a festival called Northern Nights where they celebrate the northern sky. Of course, this isn’t the only time you can view the magical sky. You can also fish, kayak, canoe, mountain bike, and hike.

Maybe you’re a thrill seeker, or just want to do something out of your comfort zone. Well, this may be for you. You can actually climb Mount Logan in a 25 day excursion. Like climbing Mount Everest or Mount Kilimanjaro, Canada’s version also has you doing base camps and slowly working your way up to the highest peak. If you’re coming from out of the country, or just want to see a different side of Canada, get a friend or family member to do it with you!

Tips: Hiking Mount Logan takes a lot of time, practice, and money as well. You can view the whole itinerary here.

How to book: Online here.


Ivvavik National Park

Best time to visit: The other parks on this list are for campers who want to relax, with the option of taking the next step and climbing a mountain. For Ivvavik National Park, it’s a little different. The entire park revolves around a base camp, which means you’ll be flying to your destination, and you get to decide how long you stay at the base camp which runs from mid-June to mid-July.

RV hookups available: No.

Things you must do at Ivvavik National Park: You will definitely want to make a whole trip out of this. Visiting Ivvavik National Park is perfect for people coming from outside of Canada, because you can rent an RV from another province and drive on up and tour around Whitehorse, which is the capital of the Yukon. There is so much to see that you’ll want to take advantage of your RV, up until you go and hike around Ivvavik National Park!

Tips: The spots book up fast, you can see how many spots are left here.

How to book: Online here.


Hi Country RV Park

Best time to visit: Unfortunately, provincial parks in the Yukon are few and far between. Maybe you still want the camping experience while being close to Whitehorse. Hi Country RV Park is calling your name! Hi Country RV Park is an 8 minute drive from the city of Whitehorse, which makes it super easy for you, your family, and friends to get into nature and be in the city in a short period of time. The park is open from mid-May to mid-September, which is the prime camping season in the Yukon.

RV hookups available: Yes!

Things you must do at Hi Country RV Park: While you may be spending more time in Whitehorse than at the RV park, it does have a ton of amenities that you’ll love. Are you missing cable? Don’t worry, that have that for you. They also have a cafe on site that will warm you right up. The cities most popular restaurant, Chef Angelo, is about a 5 minute drive from the RV park as well.

Tips: This RV park books up fast, so don’t want to book especially if you’re coming from out of Canada.

How to book: Online here.

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