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Top 10 Reasons To Travel Solo In An RV

Posted on October 31, 2019
Top 10 Reasons To Travel Solo In An RV

A lot of people are scared to travel alone. It’s always comforting to have someone with you during your travels, but anyone who has travelled alone can say it’s where you find yourself most. You realize what you’re like with no one around, how you handle situations, and you can do whatever you want at whatever time.

There is so much of our beautiful world to see, and a lot of it can be seen while driving. If you’re driving across Canada, an RV is a great choice because you won’t have to pay for hotels, and you have everything you need with you 24/7. Even though driving an RV alone can be a little more expensive than with someone else, the experience you’ll get is priceless.

There are a ton of reasons why you should travel alone. And travelling in an RV alone will teach you so much that you don’t know about the world or yourself yet. If you can’t think of reasons to travel alone in an RV, let me help you out.


Reason #1: You can go wherever you want, whenever you want

It’s hard when you have the travel bug, but none of your loved ones do or can’t afford it. Just because you’re venturing out alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely! It’s a very brave thing to do and you can make your own schedule. If you want to stay in one place for a week and another for only a couple of hours, you can totally do that.

Being able to make your own schedule, setting goals for yourself, having trips in mind that are beneficial to you will help you grow as a person. One of the worst things about travelling with someone is when you can’t agree on where to go, but if you are travelling solo, you have all of the power.

When is the best time to fly? What is the best season to go to this place? With an RV, it really doesn’t matter. Of course you don’t want to be going in the dead of winter, but you can pretty much just get up and go once you’ve figured out where you want to go!

Summertime is of course the best time to travel in an RV, as there are a ton of people around at the campgrounds you’ll stop at. However, spring, summer, and fall are also great opportunities to travel solo.

Reason #2: You’ll definitely be forced out of your comfort zone

Think about it: When was the last time you travelled alone? If the answer is never, then you’ve got to do it. Especially since driving an RV is such an experience on it’s own, it will be exciting to tell people that’s how you travelled by yourself for the first time.

It will force you to get out of your comfort zone because you’ll have to go to places you’ve never been, talk to people all the time to ask directions or maybe to bond over RVs, etc. If you find yourself always busy with work and never taking a break, this is the perfect way to do it.

Reason #3: If you can’t afford to do something, you’re not letting anyone down

Travelling can be expensive, we’ve already gone through this. But once you’re on your own, if you can’t afford to go to a cool spot that everyone is talking about, it’s okay! You can pass it up without letting anyone down and that’s the beauty of travelling solo.

It is very important to budget your trips whether alone or with someone else, but if you’re alone, you have the option to spend it all on cool restaurants and none on museums or vice versa. Or if you have only a few dollars left for the day, it’s all up to you how you spend it!

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Reason #4: You can meet awesome people without anyone being left out

A stressful part of travelling is meeting new people and someone in your group feeling left out. You want to be friendly, but you also don’t want to be rude to your friend. Solo travelling lets you meet a ton of people on your terms, and you can either hang out with them for a while or just talk and then leave in your RV.

Meeting new people who are either travelling as well or who live wherever your visiting gives you a new perspective on things. You get to find out where everyone is coming from, as well as where they’ve been and they can give you advice as well.

Reason #5: Your confidence will increase a ton

Think about it, if you’re travelling alone, that means no one else is there to help you, ask others questions, or even be around if something goes wrong. It’s all up to you to figure it out, and that in itself is a confidence booster! You’ll feel so grown up after solo travelling because of all you’ve endured and experienced.

Especially driving an RV, you need confidence. You need to know where exactly you’re heading, if you have enough gas to get there, or even just sleeping at night. Only good things can come from travelling solo, and gaining confidence is one of them.

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Reason #6: If you want to travel alone but not too alone, you can bring your dog

A lot of the time if you’re travelling alone, that means long plane rides and a ton of hotels. With RVs, you have your own bed and enough space for another little creature. Some people want to be independent but don’t want to leave their dogs behind, so take them with you!

Taking your dog on this experience is another reason to travel with an RV. Dogs love being out in nature, they can protect you if you’re scared or paranoid at night, and they’re a man’s best friend. If you’re scared of getting lonely, this is the best option.

Reason #7: If you can’t choose if you’re a city or country person, why choose?

You don’t have to choose when you're riding solo! One day you can be in the mountains, one day you can be driving through dirt roads, and the newt day you could be pulling into a big city. There are so many options for you to choose from, and you won’t have anyone else’s opinion on where to go.

There is no reason to choose when our world is so beautiful. You can totally do a mix of both, or just one if you’re not much of a country or city person. A bit of variety is great, but hey, since you’re the driver, it’s all up to you!


Reason 8: You can return home at any time if you want to

A lot of people get homesick and don’t want to cancel trips because of others. However, when you’re travelling alone, you have all of the reigns to stay longer, return home sooner, or come home exactly on time if you want. If you’re worried even a little bit that you may be homesick out on the road, it’s your call to come home when you want!

Reason 9: You can take this time to recharge your mind, body and soul

Are you stressed at work? Are your friends and family always bugging you? Do you have trouble sleeping at night because of all the things life is throwing at you? Of course it’s not a good thing to run away, but a lot of people turn to either long drives or travelling when they feel lost. And with an RV, you get the best of both worlds.

Travelling solo is a great way to reconnect with yourself. You can put your phone on airplane mode, leave your laptop at home, and just do all of the things you should be doing at home to relax. An RV can pretty much be described as a home on wheels, but without all of the daily annoyances you deal with!

Reason 10: Do things you wouldn’t normally do to challenge yourself

Would you normally wake up early to watch the sunset? Would you normally take an evening hike? Would you normally have dinner at a campsite with a bunch of randoms? If the answer is no, then go for it! Challenging yourself when you’re alone and when no one else is there to push you is one way you’ll grow.

Driving an RV alone is already a challenge in itself, but it’s so rewarding. Like I said before, you create your own schedule, but make sure it’s not exactly what you’re doing at home just in an RV. Take long hikes, cook food you wouldn’t normally eat, read books you wouldn’t normally read. And enjoy your solo travels!

Remember, always be safe while travelling alone!

Travelling solo can be scary if you've never done it before. It's best to let someone you trust know about your travels and leave a basic itinerary so you can always feel safe. A list of emergency contacts is great to have on hand as well, just in case! Travelling solo can be a lot of fun, but leave the stress behind in knowing you're taken care of where you are and back home.

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