What is RV delivery?

What is RV delivery?

RV delivery is a great way to experience the joys of RVing without having to drive or tow an RV. Guests can book an RV rental that gets dropped off by the host at their desired location. Most deliveries include dropping off, setting up, and picking up the RV at the end of the rental period.

Note: Specific details around each delivery should always be discussed and agreed upon between guests and hosts.

Why choose RV delivery, and where can RVs be delivered?

There are four main reasons why guests choose RV delivery:

  • Skip driving or towing. Don’t feel comfortable driving a large vehicle or don’t have the proper towing equipment? Delivery makes it easy to try out any RV.
  • Easy setup. Backing up an RV and setting up a campsite can be intimidating for beginners. With delivery, your host takes care of everything for you.
  • Save money. Getting a trailer delivered to a campsite is a cost-effective way to go RVing because trailers are less expensive than motorhomes.
  • Save time. Driving or towing an RV to a destination and setting it up takes time. You can enjoy your vacation faster with RV delivery.

The most popular locations and use cases for delivery include:

  • RV campsites. Most private and public campgrounds allow third-party delivery.
  • Homes and cottages. Ideal for accommodating large groups.
  • Events. Festivals, youth sports, tailgate parties, and rodeos.
  • Places of business. Seasonal sites such as mines, wineries, and farms.
  • Temporary housing. Construction and renovation projects and natural disasters.
Other use cases? Get an RV delivered conveniently to you to start your vacation right away. Whether it’s at home or an airport, just pick your location and go.

How does RV delivery work with RVezy?

  • Search for deliverable RVs on RVezy.
  • Add your destination. In the search bar, add the address or name of the location where you want your RV delivered.
  • Refine your search. Add dates and any other filters to help you find the perfect RV. If you’re not planning on moving the RV after delivery, we’d recommend selecting towable RVs, as they are less expensive than motorhomes.
  • Place your booking request. Include important trip details to help your host provide you with the best possible delivery experience.
  • Confirm details with your host. Before your trip starts, you’ll want to confirm delivery and pickup times and any other specific requirements related to your trip.

How much does it cost to get an RV delivered?

Hosts decide the price they want to charge for delivery. Hosts typically determine their delivery fees based on the type of RV, delivery distance, and the time and fuel needed to drive to the delivery location and back in order to set up and take down the RV.

Suggested delivery costs by distance between RV location and delivery address in the United States

  • Up to 15 miles* = $220**
  • Up to 30 miles = $400
  • Up to 60 miles = $700
  • Up to 120 miles = $1,000

Suggested delivery costs by distance between RV location and delivery address in Canada

  • Up to 25 kilometers* = $220**
  • Up to 50 kilometers = $400
  • Up to 100 kilometers = $700
  • Up to 200 kilometers = $1,000

*Delivery distance is the distance between the host and the delivery location.

** Delivery fee is the total cost charged to the guest for the delivery based on the delivery distance. The delivery fee includes all trips required to set up and take down the RV.

Additional information

  • Hosts are responsible for delivering their RV, not RVezy. Before your travel dates, you should discuss any special requirements or costs with your host.
    Examples: campsite requirements, toll roads, bridges, ferries, park passes, etc.
  • Heavier RVs are more expensive to deliver because of fuel costs.
  • Motorhomes are more expensive to deliver than trailers because they require a secondary vehicle with a driver to bring the host back home.

What types of motorhomes and trailers can be delivered?

Hosts can deliver any motorhome or trailer; however, most guests prefer trailers because they are easier and more cost-effective to deliver. Also, most guests choose delivery to avoid driving or towing a vehicle, which makes delivering motorhomes less popular.

Deliverable motorhomes

Deliverable trailers

How does insurance work with RV delivery?

RVezy’s insurance covers both hosts and guests during the entire rental period. The host has care, custody, and control during delivery, setup, pickup, and return home. The guest has care, custody, and control at any other time during the rental period unless a situation arises where the host takes care, custody, and control of their RV before the end of the rental period.

Insurance deductibles if filing a claim through RVezy

  • The host pays a $1,000 deductible.
  • The guest pays a $500 to $3,000 deductible. The price varies depending on the RV type and chosen level of protection.

More information about RVezy insurance

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to add a driver if I'm getting the unit delivered?

The approved driver(s) is the person or persons responsible for the RV during the rental. All rentals must have an approved driver whether the RV is delivered and remains stationary or driven.

Who is responsible for campground reservations?

Guests must reserve or secure their own campsites and delivery locations. During check-in, most campgrounds require the person or persons occupying the campsite to check in and sign paperwork acknowledging the campground's rules and regulations.*

*Both the guest and host are responsible for understanding a facility's requirements for RV delivery. Before the start of a trip, it's important to know who is responsible for entry fees, parking passes, guest passes, and the check-in process, as well as if any delivery restrictions apply.

How do delivery times work?

Guests and hosts determine their delivery times together. For example, if you're a guest staying in a campground, you should know the campground's check-in and checkout times and schedule your delivery accordingly.

Can I schedule an early check-in or late checkout?

Guests and hosts determine their delivery times together. Keep in mind that if you're staying in a campground, there may be rules prohibiting early check-in or late checkout. If your delivery times don't match the campground's check-in and checkout times, it might be necessary to reserve an extra day on either end of your trip to allow for a more flexible delivery window.

Who is responsible for dumping the tanks?

It depends. Hosts typically connect and disconnect the utilities when the delivery location has full hookups, making it easy for guests to open and close the sewer valves as needed during their stay. However, since every delivery location has varying amenities, the host and guest should determine how and when to dump the tanks.

Do I need to be present for the delivery and pickup?

Yes. Hosts and guests complete the departure and return inspection together as part of RVezy's rental agreement. Please ensure enough time on both ends of the delivery to complete the inspections.

Do I need roadside assistance if I’m having an RV delivered?

Roadside assistance is always optional. While you might not need tire replacements or towing services, RVezy’s roadside assistance also includes perks such as:

  • Food spoilage protection.
  • Locksmith services
  • Septic blockage removal.
  • Battery assistance.