Banff is one of the choice destinations in Canada for just about every type of adventurer. It has imposing views of the Rockies, majestic rivers, ancient glaciers, and sublime forests to enjoy and discover. It's the ideal place for winter sports, fishing, nature exploring and camping, RV adventures, and so much more! 

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Local Banff Attractions

Banff National Park

Banff is recognized throughout the world for its stunning beauty. The little town sits below the peaks of Mt Cascade and Mt Rundle - among the tallest in the Rockies. The park itself is a world-class destination for nature enthusiasts, climbing and hiking lovers, and tourists from around the world. Lake Louise is perhaps the most recognizable feature of the National Park - with its sublime blue waters at the foot of the Rockies - but you could spend a lifetime here exploring, discovering, and enjoying a landscape like no other on Earth.

Bow Falls

Get away from the touristy attractions like boutiques and restaurants and don't miss the incredible beauty of places like Bow Falls. The valley is shaped by eroding glaciers, so its cascading waters rush downhill with amazing power and beauty. You'll get some of the best pictures of your life here.

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