Whitehorse is the territory’s travel hub—a must-stop for those driving the Alaska Highway and the first taste of the Yukon for visitors arriving by air. 

Those who are driving find the sky’s the limit. Less than an hour—in various directions—are the refreshing hot springs, the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, the much-photographed Emerald Lake, and numerous wilderness tour operators eager to share their Yukon with you. Travel a bit farther and you’ll be able to enter Alaska or British Columbia—but we highly recommend exploring the other captivating regions of the Yukon first.

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Local Whitehorse Attractions

Kluane National Park

Visit the magnificent Kluane National Park, a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Admire the scenic Kathleen Lake and enjoy a short hike at the Rock Glacier where you can witness the magnificent views of the surrounding lakes and mountains. After hiking, visit the historic indigenous Klukshu Village for the chance to see wild salmon reaching their spawning grounds. In Haines Junction, make a stop at the Da Kų Cultural Center to learn more about the rich history of the Kluane National Park. Take the option to join a sightseeing flight above the second largest ice field on earth.

Aurora Borealis Evening Viewing

This is one of the most sought-after Northern experiences, a Yukon winter vacation is only complete by viewing the aurora borealis cascading across the night sky. A chemical light reaction caused when solar energy interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere, producing dramatic dancing waves of green light from one horizon to another. The Northern Lights have captivated viewers since the beginning of time, as evidenced by the many Yukon First Nation legends they have inspired.

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