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9 Tips For RV Travel In Canada

Posted on November 19, 2019

9 Tips For RV Travel In Canada

If you’ve never driven an RV through parts of Canada, then you’re really missing out. Not only is the scenery absolutely beautiful, but the provinces are so different that you get a completely new experience each time. You don’t have to just stay in your province, you can drive anywhere! Or if you’re coming from another country, you can pick if you want to see mountains, rivers, or plains!

The great thing is that it’s all up to you! You can make the choice on what you want to see in Canada, and plan your trip around that. However, there are some crucial tips to see Canada in an RV, so buckle up!


Be Careful When You Book

While summer and fall in Canada is pretty stunning with great weather, winter and spring can be a little bit cold. If you prefer to sleep in the cold, or do winter activities, then you may find you like winter camping better. However, the busiest seasons for RV travel is summer and winter, as you can pretty much plan a trip without worrying about the weather.

Most campsites open up in May and close in October, but there are definitely some that allow winter campers. This decision should be based on when you can take a vacation and when you’ll enjoy it most. The prime time for camping or road tripping in Canada is anywhere from July to October.

You Can Book A Campsite 5 Months In Advance, And You Should

This is a great way to beat the crowds and secure a spot where you want to stay! Booking a campsite and an RV if you don’t own one at the same time is crucial, so that you’re not stuck without one or the other.

Most parks in Canada allow you to book 5 months in advance on their websites, so if you’re looking into a trip in August, you could book in March. With RVs, it really depends on who you’re renting from but I would highly recommend doing these two at the same time.

Don’t Just Make The Destination The Trip, Make The Journey!

A lot of people on road trips think that when they get to their destination, that’s when the fun starts. Why not make the journey fun too!? You have a huge RV to play with, as well as amazing scenery while driving, so you should take advantage of it!

Let’s say you decided to drive from Calgary to Vancouver. That’s 11 hours of driving, which you can do over a couple of days. But why not get out, stop at certain places, and stretch your legs? You can see so much, its worth to make unplanned stops along the way. Also, these are great opportunities for great photos!


Take Full Advantage Of The Free Campgrounds

Whether you want to save money on this trip, want to experience more, or just need somewhere to stop for the night, there are definitely lots of free campsites in Canada. Walmart actually allows RVs to stay there overnight, just as long as you talk to the manager ahead of time. 89% of Canada is made up of Crown Land, and many parks, campgrounds and lots offer parking for free!

You can find some great tips here for finding free campgrounds across Canada.

Decide Where You Want To Go In Canada, Then Explore Around There Too

If you’re going to make a trip in Ontario, you'll soon realize that it’s a huge province. However, if you’re going to places like Nova Scotia or to the opposite side of the country, such as Manitoba or Alberta, you can definitely squeeze in a few provinces on your trip!

Of course, you can venture out of Ontario into provinces like Quebec and Manitoba as it’s the surrounding provinces, but there is a lot of spots in Northern Ontario and Eastern Ontario that are a must to check out.

Choose An RV Perfect For The Time You’ll Be Travelling For

Looking online while renting an RV is a great way to see how much space you’ll have and need. If you’re only going with one other person, then you definitely won’t need as much room. But maybe you’re bringing your kids, extended family, or some friends and want as much room as possible. Remember, you’d rather it be too big than too small!

Typically, if you’re going for a longer period of time, then you would need more room just for storage. But if you’re only going for a small amount of time and you are vowing to pack light, then you can definitely opt for a smaller RV! It really just depends on your preference as well as what you’re comfortable driving.


Consider Bringing An RV To A Canadian Music Festival

Have you ever brought an RV instead of a tent to a Canadian music festival? If you haven’t, this is a game changer! Bringing an RV will allow you to have a different experience, a truly great one. You can rent it with your friends and, if you’re exhausted from the day, you can know you’re going back to an actual bed.

A lot of Canadians do this at Boots & Hearts, which is the ultimate country music festival. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to a music festival, and this is definitely a way to get that experience! Bringing an RV to a country music festival is SO Canadian. But in the best way possible!

Watch Out For Wild Animals!

A very Canadian thing to worry about, but it’s no joke! You can see deer, bears, mountain goats, elk, and so much more while driving in Canada.

A little tip to the driver: driving at night when you’re tired is not the best idea, especially when it comes to reflexes. Stop at a Walmart or a nearby campsite if you need to get some rest. Wild animals come out more at night. If you see a bunch of cars pulled over on the road, it may mean there is a wild animal around!

Take Advantage Of The Activities You Can Do

There are some activities you can do in Canada that are just 100% Canadian. Fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, going to get poutine wherever you are! Maybe you’re visiting Ontario, which means you can kayak down the Rideau Canal, visit Niagara Falls, or even go to the top of the CN tower!

If you’re big into outdoor activities, you must take advantage of the water in Canada and start fishing! There are so many cool fish swimming around in the lakes and rivers, and you can view some of them here.

What are you waiting for?! Start planning your amazing Canadian trip, because amazing memories with family and friends are waiting just around the next bend.

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